Doctor Who – Mummy on the Orient Express (TV Screening)


When I saw the trailer for the episode at the end of Kill The Moon I wasn’t hopeful. I thought that the whole thing just looked a bit naff however I was pleased to notice an absence of Clara, which gave some weight behind her outburst at the end of last weeks episode.

So it turns out I was wrong about everything haha, Mummy on the Orient Express wasn’t naff and Clara was not absent. The whole Clara thing was a bit pointless to be honest, her inclusion in this episode basically nullified her brilliant attack on the Doctor and his character last week. This could easily have been a solo outing for the Doctor and its not to say that it was bad because of Clara’s involvement I just thought it would have brought more strength to the series as a whole. However Clara was rocking her outfit in this weeks episode, which I am definitely not complaining about. Frank Skinner makes an appearance in this episode too as Perkins, the mechanic on the Orient Express. Unfortunately I didn’t see many strengths here, it just seemed that Skinner was playing himself and I just didn’t get this character – there really wasn’t much point to him apart from an invitation to join the TARDIS at the end of the show. My only other criticism or maybe suggestion to improve this episode would have been a different setting, I think more could have been got out of the Foretold if the setting had been creepier or darker BUT enough with the negativity because despite these comments I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

Let’s start with the Foretold, what an awesome foe!? It looked great, had cool abilities and had an interesting back story. I really enjoyed this creatures involvement and of course there is also the mysterious Gus who I am sure will make a reappearance somewhere down the line. I loved the throwback to series 1 too by including the line “Are you my Mummy” this fitted perfectly and it is touches like these which really make an episode. I thought featuring the clock at the bottom of the shot was another nice touch too, this could have become naff but instead it really enhanced the scenes in which the Foretold approached its victims! Peter Capaldi was great in the episode and I think this has been the first time for me that he actually seemed like The Doctor. No one can fault his acting in any episode so far but for me this is potentially the point in which Capaldi begins his transition into really becoming the character of the Doctor.

Series 8 has been really interesting, in terms of the 8 episodes so far the second half of these has undoubtedly been stronger. I am now finding it increasingly more difficult to rank the episodes and many from the second half are contenders for the best episode of the series including Mummy on the Orient Express.

Rating – 8.5/10


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