Doctor Who – Flatline (TV Screening)


This territory of any series is always dangerous. Once the bulk of the series is over apart from the most likely very dramatic finale the temptation to fill the remainder of the space with filler episodes always seems to be too much for the shows makers. You can either strike gold with the likes of Blink or be massively disappointed, like I was with Love and Monsters and Fear Her.

Flatline eventually ends up being somewhere in between the two. There is no doubt that it is a good episode however compared to the others in this series I would probably put it down as the least memorable. The episode makes the most of a pretty boring sounding monster on paper. The 2D creatures really came into their own once they began to edge into a third dimension and they managed to end up looking a bit creepy which was better than expected. I also enjoyed the aspects of their character as they experimented on the humans of the estate, the nervous system on the wall was a nice touch. However as they have no discernible appearance it is going to be hard to construct an identity for them in my memory, saying that they served their purpose as they kept me entertained for the 45 minute episode. The secondary characters were once again hit and miss, Rigsy had his moments but the rest of the characters were so uninteresting that it hurt. However what this episode does have going for it would be the ending with Missy, easily the most interesting clip from this recurring character that has been featured so far this series – although the i-pad looked silly.

Clara takes centre stage in this episode with The Doctor trapped in the Tardis, this was good and bad. She does well and I enjoyed her take on herself as the Doctor however at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder if this constant back and forth between the pair is becoming slightly laboured. It was refreshing at the start of the series and it reached a dramatic climax a few weeks ago but now it simply seems that this is the only interesting thing linking the two characters so they are clinging to it slightly. I think this could have been a perfect episode for Danny to be involved in more, with the Doctor out of the picture physically there was the perfect gap for Danny and he would have been a welcome replacement for some of those secondary characters.

Overall the episode was solid, there weren’t any gaping plot holes or aspects that really annoyed me I just think some things could have been done better. I enjoyed the action though, it was good despite the fight being against 2D creatures and a clever ending is always pleasing. So whilst Flatline was a good episode I don’t think I will raving about it when I think of series 8 as a whole.

Rating – 8/10


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