5 Reasons Why ‘Dark Water’ Has Been The Best Episode of Series 8


Series 8 of Doctor Who is already coming to an end and the two part finale kicked off last weekend (1st Nov) with Dark Water. This episode had a lot of expectation as past series finales have been very impressive and are probably one of the best thing about this show. Dark Water delivered on every aspect and ended up being a tremendous episode, giving the viewers answers but also so many new questions. I have put a list together of reasons why I think that this has been the best episode of Series 8 so far!

1. Missy

Doctor-Who-Dark-Water-MissyMissy has been popping up throughout the series and her identity has been speculated over for the entirety of the shows run this year. Many of us were right in our theory of believing her to be The Master. However what many of us didn’t pick up on was the play on the name. Missy being short for Mistress, because of course now that she is a Time Lady The Master wouldn’t be a fitting title. I thought this was fantastic and meant that although it was a predictable twist for the show there was something extra to really be surprised by, it seems so obvious now. The reveal wasn’t the only good thing about Missy though, she has so much more screen time in this episode and she was just great to watch. Making moves on The Doctor, dropping in quips about Daleks and generally being menacing she was so refreshing and has taken over the helm from John Simm’s Master so well.

2. The Doctor

vlcsnap-00203Okay so Peter Capaldi has been received quite well be most, his seeming lack of care for characters has been both shocking and refreshing. The bluntness of his Doctor is quite something and how this feeds into his relationship with Clara has been a talking point for the entire series and in Dark Water it reaches it climax! The scene in which Clara is throwing the TARDIS keys into the volcano was so awesome. The Doctor is always in control of the situation but he lets Clara think that he isn’t, this has easily been the best character power play for the Doctor this series, but what comes next was just so great. Despite Clara committing the ultimate betrayal The Doctor still reaches out to help her, he exclaims to her that how can she think even her betraying him would make him care for her any less. The Doctor 1, Clara 0.

3. Finally some good secondary characters

Dark-Water-20Series 8 has been plagued with the worst of the worst of secondary characters. With both Clara and Danny being teachers at a school it was inevitable that some of their students would accompany them on their adventures, with awful results. Thankfully this isn’t the case here as both Seb (Chris Addison) and Dr. Chang (Andrew Leung) the secondary characters in this episode were great. Seb’s unkind treatment of Danny’s situation was both cruel and enthralling to watch, whilst Chang’s vital information that he held kept our interest levels about this character at the highest they could. Chang also has a brilliant scene later in the episode with Missy where he pleads for his life. These two characters were the perfect addition to the episode and only contributed it to it positively instead of the past episodes were secondary characters have greatly detracted from the quality of the episodes.

4. The return of the Cybermen

Dark-Water2So in Dark Water we weren’t just treated to the return of the Master but also of the Cybermen! Despite the massive spoiler in the next time clip from the previous episode this has been one of my favourite reveals for a villain in a long time. The X-Ray water was such a brilliant idea and one of the most original Doctor Who has come off with in a while. However what was really great about their reveal was how subtly it was done. The logo of 3W being of the same design of the Cyberman eye was just fantastic and like the play on words with Missy’s name added another dimension to the twist that I am sure very few picked up on. We didn’t really see much of the Cybermen in action in Dark Water but they have certainly wet my appetite for some upgrading and deleting in next weeks installment.

5. The amount of cliffhangers Dark Water has left us with!

Doctor Who (series 8) ep 11So generally you are left with one or two cliffhangers at the end of the first part of a two part episode, but here we are left with countless ones! Clara is left trapped in a room alone with just a Cyberman for company. Will Danny choose to delete all his emotions and most likely become a Cyberman? What are Missy’s plans and why has she made an alliance with the Cybermen? How on earth is The Doctor going to stop the all out assault of Cybermen on London? Will The Doctor and Clara be able to bring Danny back from the dead? These are just some of the questions that we are left to ponder after this episode. Thank goodness that next weeks episode Death In Heaven is an hour long as there is plenty to get through.

Well anyway those are my 5 reasons as to why Dark Water has been the best of the best in Series 8. Do you agree with me or do you think another episode has been stronger? Leave a comment below and get the discussion going!


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