The Imitation Game (Cinema Screening)


World War II really has spawned a colossal amount of films, only last month were we discussing David Ayers, Fury. This month we have another film about the war, however what is so great about this genre is the variety that it holds. Within The Imitation Game we have elements of drama, of course the very present theme of war but also a biopic of Alan Turing, played by the fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Imitation Game sports a fantastic cast which could be easy to overlook because of Cumberbatch being the lead. Keira Knightly was wonderful in this movie and this is probably the best performance I have seen of hers. Matthew Goode and Rory Kinnear both play their roles well and then of course there is the ever dependable Charles Dance and Mark Strong, who always deliver. The entire cast work so well together and they carry this film off in such a effortless way, each individual member gets their time to shine and although the cast is quite large the time dedicated to each member felt appropriate and the story never became crowded. The story of Turing is split into three different sections which intertwine throughout the film, at first this was a little hard to follow but once things were established it became easy to follow and actually worked really well. This method of story telling was quite clever and was important for enlightening the viewers to certain aspects of Turings life. The plot is simple enough and whilst interesting I have to admit I didn’t think there was enough substance in the main storyline to keep my full and unwavering attention.

Throughout the scenes where Turings team were frantically trying to break the enigma code there were often scenes of war. The bombings of London were particularly effective and really got my mind wondering about this historic period however some of these scenes didn’t look the best, at first I told myself they just weren’t meant to look polished so that they would reflect the feeling of war. Although as these scenes continued I couldn’t ignore the fact that I thought the CGI should have been better. Whilst my interest did flag about three quarters of the way through the film I have to say the ending really drew me back into the film. Turings struggles after his trial for indecency were quite something and the way Cumberbatch portrayed these was pretty special. I thought Knightly was great in these scenes too. On top of this was the number of facts that appeared at the end of the film. These facts really were spectacular, they were hard to believe even. They really enlightened me as to just what a man Alan Turing was and just how much he achieved, the spectacle that was achieved just from a few sentences was quite something. However I’m not sure that the film itself was ever able to capture this.

The Imitation Game isn’t your conventional WWII drama but what it is, is a fantastically acted film about a man and his struggles in his career and personal life. The film succeeds in telling the story of Alan Turing and his involvement in the war although I don’t think the film really manages to showcase just how brilliant this mans work was, although that would be a monumental task. Nonetheless The Imitation Game is a fantastic film that will be enjoyed for years to come.

BIGGEST FLAW – Poor war scenes

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The performance of the cast

Rating – 8.5/10


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