My 10 Worst Films of 2014

So I have gone through my Top 50 films of the year but now comes the turn of the efforts that I didn’t enjoy so much. There was a lot more than 10 films that I thought were pretty poor this year but I couldn’t face writing about any more than that. Hopefully one of your favourites isn’t on this list but if it is tell me why you liked it! Similarly if there is a film that you think is missing from the list let me know! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the list, if enjoy is the right word!

#10. Godzilla

Godzilla-2014-Poster-WallpaperNow I admit that there were probably a lot of films worse than Godzilla in 2014 however it earns its place at number 10 by being the most disappointing film of the year. Godzilla was hardly in this film and I know people excuse this for the building of tension etc, however this can’t work as we saw Godzilla in the trailers! There was an alarming lack of action in this so called blockbuster and I thought the design of Godzilla just made the giant lizard look kind of dopey. Everytime we thought we were getting an awesome fight scene it would cut away to a different scene, possibly the most frustrating aspect of the film. There were solid foundations here but Godzilla just ended up being wasted potential which was really unfortunate.

#9. A Most Wanted Man

A Most Wanted ManA Most Wanted Man takes the title for the most boring film of 2014. I haven’t experienced boredom quite like I did when I saw this film in the cinemas earlier this year. Okay so the performances aren’t bad but when the majority of the film is made up of shots of Philip Seymour Hoffman smoking and nothing else it was no wonder I found little to engage with. The scale in A Most Wanted Man was never big enough and there wasn’t enough at stake for me ever to care that much. Possibly one of the most anti-climatic films of the year too I was just willing the credits to role from about 20 minutes in.

#8. Cuban Fury

cuban-fury-posterCuban Fury comes in at #8. Again this film is probably more disappointing than bad, simply I have come to expect better from the likes of Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd. Unfortunately the comedy featured here just wasn’t outrageous enough to get the laughs and for the most part this film was just so predictable. The running time of Cuban Fury feels so much longer than it really is and I’m afraid this one was just a complete comedy mis-fire.

#7. Left Behind

August2014-LeftBehind-CM-Wallpaper-webNow we get into the really bad ones. Left Behind is probably the worst acted film of the year, you simply won’t believe your eyes as you watch this cast stumble through every scene. To start with I couldn’t enjoy Left Behind as a film because I was just so aware of its evangelical intentions, they even got this wrong though as the whole film is just a ‘turn or burn’ sermon. Once you get past this issue there are several more to sift through too, despite its subject matter Left Behind is just so boring and monotonous. The whole thing manages to be pretty devoid of emotion as well. The whole thing was done so so poorly.

#6. The Nut Job

The-Nut-Job-Movie-Poster-ImagesThe Nut Job was easily the worst animation that I saw in 2014, it is so unoriginal and just borrows ideas from past animations. It never stands on its own two feet, the film has some of the worst characters I have seen all year. Firstly we have seen all the characters before in previous films, but not just that we have seen much better versions before. These watered down characters just couldn’t carry this film. The distinct lack of humour was also an issue and resulted in the film feeling so long. The Nut Job clutched at straws proven by the baffling inclusion of a cartoon PSY during the credits dancing to Gangnam Style. This was completely unrelated to the film and was a cheap and desperate attempt for a laugh, even this gag was about a year to late to be funny anyway. The Nut Job was such a mess.

#5. Transcendence

transcendence_ver4_xlgTranscendence is the epitome of the phrase ‘style over substance’. So yeah the film looked great but apart from that and some pretty standard performances the film was truly terrible. To start with at the very beginning of the film it was revealed how the movie ended, this immediately removed any tension or suspense from the movie. The film lacked any noticeable pace and none of the characters were likeable meaning I couldn’t of cared less about their fate. I also didn’t have a clue what was going on for the most part however the worst bit was that I really didn’t want to either.

#4. A Million Ways To Die In The West

a-million-ways-to-die-in-the-west01So here we have another very unfunny comedy project from Seth MacFarlane. The shear amount of crude humour featured in this movie was just disgusting and was just a poor effort at getting laughs. The film has a good premise however it is wasted as a love story which would seem more appropriate in a chick flick takes centre stage. This film was so so bad and the only thing saving it from the top spot of this list is that annoyingly catching mustache song.

#3. 3 Days To Kill

three_days_to_kill_ver63 Days To Kill, where to start with this entry. This film simply had its focus all wrong, instead of giving us the action we wanted we were forced to sit through monotonous scenes of Father and Daughter bonding, to a sickening level. Even when we finally did get some action scenes the main character was terminally ill so couldn’t even complete any action sequences without collapsing. 3 Days To Kill also had some of the most poorly written characters I saw all year, a complete shambles of a film.

#2. Tammy

tammy-posterTammy was such an unoriginal film, seeing Melissa McCarthy play a character that she has played no less than 3 times before. Audiences had already tired of this before watching Tammy so you can imagine the response afterwards. This film didn’t even have a plot, it was going nowhere and there were hardly any laughs along the way. The inclusion of the most awkward and generic romance sub plot didn’t help things out either. Please stop Melissa, please.

#1. Sex Tape

sex-tape-movie-poster-Cameron-Diaz-Jason-SegelSo here it is, my worst film of 2014 – Sex Tape. Is this really what film making has come to? Depending on your sense of humour this film has the potential to deliver zero laughs and I am not exaggerating. Much like many of the other films on this list Sex Tape had the wrong focus. There was far too much time devoted to the actual sex lives of these characters and the making of the sex tape, all of this was unnecessary. This film was insanely awkward due to the lack of response from the cinema audience, I was cringing for everyone involved. Boredom endured at an alarming rate which just isn’t excusable when Sex Tape is only 94 minutes long. A worthy winner of worst film of the year!


17 thoughts on “My 10 Worst Films of 2014

  1. Great list although I have to disagree with Godzilla which conversely is making my top 10 (also probably at 10 funnily enough). I would add Transformers 4 to this list as well. Out of interest what are you most excited about for 2015?

    • Thanks man! Yeah I think Godzilla was the most divisive film of the year! I am a fan of the Transformers franchise and actually enjoyed the movie this year – but each to their own. So much but as a massive Bond fan for me SPECTRE is my most anticipated movie of 2015 – what about you?

      • Oh good choice! Well being in the UK Birdman is out tomorrow which is currently my most anticipated film of 2015 technically, but thinking past the first day of the year I am very excited for A Most Violent Year and Jurassic World (mainly for Chris Pratt), although I am totally anticipating crushing disappointment on the latter

      • Yeah I am the same for Birdman, hopefully the hype hasn’t killed it though! Great choices there too, there is literally so much coming out though I’m not sure I will even be able to process it all!

  2. Great choices! So pleased to see you put A Most Wanted Man on the list, pretty sure it will end up on my list too. Such a boring film, that I can’t even remember most of it now (good thing I reckon). I managed to avoid your top 2 as thought they would be tragic haha.

  3. Ha i see why you disagreed with my Godzilla placing now. Tenth worst of year for you, top 20 for me. Good to have different opinions haha.

  4. The best thing to do is go to youtube and check out one of the Godzilla 2014, ‘all monster fight scenes’ edits (which comes out to about 10 minutes or so). Turns out it’s a pretty awesome battle once the useless storyline is cut out. Being a G fan, I’ll take those 10 minutes as my fave 10 minutes in 2014 Cinema, lol 🙂

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