The Theory of Everything (Cinema Screening)

the-theory-of-everything-poster-wallpapers(Spoiler free)

The Theory of Everything  is another entry for the ever popular biopic genre that seems to be film-makers favourite of recent months. As the trailers began to show in the cinema I came to the conclusion that it would be quite a good movie however due to my lack of interest into Stephen Hawking as an individual the film would fail to interest me that much.

The Theory of Everything manged to surpass all of my expectations and allowed me to have a wonderful experience whilst watching it. This film is so well made it is hard to know where to begin with the praise. Eddie Redmayne (Stephen Hawking) and Felicity Jones (Jane Wilde Hawking) were both tremendous in their respective roles. I was in such awe of Redmayne’s acting ability for the entire film and I am still not sure just how he was able to perform so well in such a challenging role. He was completely convincing at every turn. His female counterpart, Jones, although not as obviously impressive was still stunning in her role as well. She demonstrated perfectly the journey that her character took and the audience experienced every emotion just as she did. The hair and make-up team did such a fantastic job here as they apparently effortlessly aged each character so subtly throughout the film but with noticeable purpose for every stage of their life, this aspect was handled so well. I was especially impressed with that for the character of Stephen Hawking as he resembled the real man so much, this enhanced the experience a great deal and was a credit to all those involved.

The film is everything you would expect it to be; touching and emotional however The Theory of Everything had a surprisingly pleasant humourous tone to it as well. This helped us to get to know the character and personality of Hawking much more than maybe was to be expected. This film being the story of Stephen Hawking’s life does feature science and in some instances in quite a lot of detail. For most of these scenes the science did go over my head but this is not a criticism as this was such an important aspect to Hawking’s life that I was happy it was included and I think the level of inclusion was spot on. This film is wonderful as it is so informative, whilst still being entertaining. Before seeing this film I was under the impression that Stephen Hawking was an American scientist but now after seeing the film I have been enlightened and I am all the better for it too. I was fully prepared to be bored throughout this movie but not for one second was I tempted to check the time or did my mind wander, this film is very engaging. There were only a few minor aspects that didn’t quite work for me, these moments all came in the closing scenes which was a shame as they were some of the last things left with the audience however everything that came before it does overshadow these moments.

The Theory of Everything is most definitely one of the best biopics that I have seen. With two superb performances, and I mean superb, from the two leads, the correct variety of themes included and sporadic humour this film is just a delight. Stephen and Jane Hawking are two remarkable individuals and I’m happy part of their story has been brought to many others through this film.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Those two perfromances

BIGGEST FLAW – Some aspects of the closing scenes

Rating – 9/10


4 thoughts on “The Theory of Everything (Cinema Screening)

  1. Good review. Redmayne and Jones were both very good. However, the material they were working with here was pretty generic and by-the-numbers. In other words, it didn’t quite work too well for me.

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