The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (Cinema Screening)

The-Woman-In-Black-Angel-of-Death(spoiler free)

So the first film of the year is horror sequel, The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. I found the first film in this series truly terrifying. It is actually one of my favourite horror films as it has a good storyline whilst still being extremely scary. I was expecting this sequel to be much the same which would explain why I was so uneasy going into it!

I was partially correct in being uneasy, however nowhere near to the extent that I was. This film is tense, I jumped a lot throughout it however that is all it really had to offer, jump scares. There isn’t anything actually scary in this movie. Yes, there is tension throughout the film however if you have seen the first film then it just doesn’t work that well. You know what to expect as it reuses a lot of the same scares from the first film and you already know what the Woman in Black looks like so any potential for suspense there is ruined. I think the biggest problem with this film is that it simply doesn’t meet the standard set by the first film. In Daniel Radcliffe’s original film there was so much mystery and intrigue into the Woman in Black and into what and why she was doing what she was, there was a lot of substance. However this was all revealed in the first film leaving nothing new for the sequel, not enough was created for Angel of Death to make it interesting or engaging like the first film. In comparison to the first film this is a poor effort however as a horror film itself it isn’t too bad, the film looks nice and it is well acted. Even the backdrop of WWII offered an interesting setting for the film as the characters could have easily as died from an air raid as from an attack from the Woman in Black. There is also a nice scene towards the end of the film that is only made possible by this setting. Although despite these positives The Woman In Black 2 really does lack any originality and anything noteworthy.

Even when you compare the endings of the two films you can see a stark contrast in the quality. The first films ending was shocking and exciting whereas here all we got was the stereotypical horror movie ending that was ridiculously predictable. So as I said the film is jumpy but it isn’t scary, I won’t loose any sleep over this film and as soon as I left the cinema I had forgotten the film, forgettable is probably the best way I can describe this movie and I am sure if you have seen the film that you will agree with me. It is a shame though as lead actress Phoebe Fox does really well with the material that she is given and puts in a very convincing performance which should engage you despite the lack of other engaging material here. The Woman In Black 2 certainly isn’t the worst horror film I’ve seen but it is miles away from being anything special, yet I am still glad I saw the film. I enjoyed my experience and this film could be enjoyed with a group but I am pretty sure I won’t be watching this film again.

So The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death 2 looks nice, it is acted nicely, especially from lead actress Phoebe Fox, it is jumpy and has a nice setting however it simply can’t match up to the standard set by the original film. There isn’t anything actually scary in this movie and there is no substance to this sequel, no progression was made with this sequel and unfortunately the majority of this film is highly predictable. Not as bad as many of the horror films we saw last year but hardly the start to 2015 that I was hoping for.


BIGGEST FLAW – No development in the story

Rating – 7/10


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