Foxcatcher (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

It’s amazing the true stories that you just don’t know anything about. This was the case for me and Foxcatcher. This film has been making waves in the US as it was released before the UK release date so I knew to expect something special. A strong cast would have intrigued me nonetheless even though I knew nothing of the story itself, however I think this was definitely a good thing.

As I have mentioned already Foxcatcher is based on a true story and what a story it is! The story is led by its quite remarkable characters, brothers, Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) and John Du Pont (Steve Carell). The film is just so captivating due to these three lead performances. There are so many levels to all of the performances and it is crazy to watch how relationships develop, strengthen and ultimately break down between the three. Here we see Carell in a way we have never seen him before and he certainly gives a performance that is worthy of the award buzz that he is receiving. Tatum delivers here too and once again shows us what a capable actor he is giving a strong physical performance too. Ruffalo probably looked the part the best, being almost identical to his real life character. His performance much like the other two was just fantastic, again bringing a certain physicality to his role he manages to deliver a very well-rounded performance. The film gives each character adequate attention and allows for different characters to take centre stage at different moments meaning that the viewer gets to know each of them allowing for better understanding of the whole story. Foxcatcher is most certainly about it’s characters and it allows for them to demonstrate strength, anger, vulnerability and motivation in ways that are just so mesmerising to watch.

The film has some fantastic sequences, and they are sequences that really draw you into the film. You are either willing the characters to do something or maybe to not do something but either way you care for the characters and you hope they do well. As a result of this some of the scenes are quite hard to watch, but this was great as it hit home the severity of many of the situations and just how much things meant to the characters whether it was family, sport or personal issues. This film focuses closely on the sport of wrestling, it encompasses many aspects of the sport whether it is the World Championships, the Olympics or just training there is certainly a variety of settings for this to take place in. However don’t go in expecting a film that is solely focused on the sport that follows each match religiously. This is a character piece and the sport is simply a frame for what goes on however I really enjoyed the small insight into the sport which I knew next to nothing about.

Foxcatcher is such a film, I doubt it will be what you are expecting but I would also be surprised if you weren’t completely captivated by what you see on screen. The three lead performances are so great and deserve a lot of praise as they effortlessly move this film along and draw you into the events in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without them. Combined with some spectacular scenes Foxcatcher is one of the films of the year and I’m already dying to re-watch it.

BIGGEST FLAW – Struggling to find one

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The three lead performances

Rating – 10/10


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