Mortdecai (Cinema Screening)

mortdecai(spoiler free)

I am not a fan of Johnny Depp so Mortdecai had a uphill battle to gain my approval right from the word go. My dislike of Depp is probably unfair as I have only seen his film flops (Transcendence etc) and am yet to explore his more critically acclaimed films. Anyway, I didn’t have high hopes for Mortdecai and thought that it could be one of the year’s worst films, I was right.

Mortdecai is just so stupid, the whole plot has been recycled from so many other films and just cheapened their ideas, we have seen this all before. The film takes far too long to even get started instead we are given several boredom enduing scenes of characters conversing with a distinct lack of any comedy. Boredom is a massive problem in Mortdecai, pretty much from the get go I was wanting the credits to roll. The film lacks any kind of engagement and just recycles gags from past movies, it is basically a spoof spy movie, but whereas upcoming movie Kingsman: The Secret Service looks entertaining and self-aware Mordecai is just silly and unfunny. Another problem with Mordecai was the central character himself, he was just so unlikeable, unlike Steve Martin’s charming Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther films Mortdecai’s idiocy did not appeal favorably to the audience. Admittedly the film does improve slightly as the story unfolds but only because what has come before was so awful. However then the film doesn’t know when to end, continually elongating its running time with pointless gags that get no laughs whatsoever.

The cast do a fine job playing pretty uninspiring characters which is a shame as I know that the three leads here can do much better (Depp, Paltrow and McGregor). I also appreciated the variety of quality cars on show here but that is hardly a positive to the film but instead just something more engaging that the story itself. Although a good cast and fancy cars can only take the film so far as when it comes down to the substance of the film there simply isn’t any. The humour here was practically non-existent, I admit that a few gags got a smirk out of me but not a single laugh. A variety of humour was tried here ranging from crude to slapstick, a focus on one kind may have made for a clearer tone, focus and direction however the whole vibe just seemed muddled. That mustache gag was the worst of the worst though, it wasn’t funny the first time and it quickly began to grate on me as the film proceeded and at every possible opportunity it would make a reappearance.

Mortdecai is the first truly awful film of 2015 and it is going to take some beating, it baffles me as to why any of these actors thought this would be a good film. The comedy fails on every level, the central character is flawed, the story is so un-engaging and I wanting to rip that bleeding mustache off Depp’s face from the word go. Be prepared to roll eyes people, don’t waste your time with this one.

BIGGEST FLAW – That mustache gag

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The cast do perform well

Rating – 2/10

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