The Interview (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

Fifty Shades of Grey? Pfffft, you want controversy then look no further than The Interview. Quite possibly the most controversial film ever to be released, its initial release had to be halted due to the risk of terror attacks! The Interview has since been released in America and finally U.K. cinema goers can enjoy this brave new comedy.

Well I certainly understand what all the fuss was about because at times The Interview certainly does raise issues that would cause outrage amongst Kim Jong-un and his leadership. Whilst the film is filled with comedy there are some really hard-hitting moments that make you think this film is attempting to do more than just poke fun at this leader and his regime. Look out for these moments in the actual interview that takes place in the movie. Does the controversy overshadow the film itself though or was it maybe more impressive than the film could live up to? To be honest I just think all the controversy has been fantastic promotion for the film and I don’t think it has negatively affected it in the slightest. What I loved about this comedy was just how out there it was! This comedy had ambition and it clearly wasn’t afraid to go places where it clearly knew it shouldn’t really go. I have never seen another film like this and I was surprised at just how well the whole thing worked. The ridiculousness of the whole plot was one of the films biggest assets and it would be an understatement to say that it ran with this idea! I’m so glad they did though because it made for some great viewing.

Is The Interview funny though? I thought so, it is hit and miss but I thought overall it was funnier on more occasions than it wasn’t. The humour comes in many different forms, of course this being a Rogen flick there is plenty of crude humour included but as well as this there is slapstick, political and pop culture comedy too. There were some brilliant gags throughout the movie but two or three standout, some of which fulfill their potential for repetition as the movie goes on. I have to be honest when I say that as soon as Kim Jong-un (Randall Park) makes his appearance things do slow down and not many of his scenes were that funny, certainly the scenes with Rogen and Franco were always much more amusing. Anyway Kim Jong-un is essential to the plot and the crazy ideas that this films goes with so I didn’t mind too much, and even if the jokes do start to run dry towards the end of the film the all out action finale will immediately grab your attention back from wherever it was wandering off to. This comedy actually manages some really nice action scenes too which was more surprising than anything.

Ultimately both lead actors, James Franco and Seth Rogen sell this film with their performances. Both have become so likeable in this genre that it is hard not to enjoy watching this pair do what they do best. Nonetheless it isn’t either of these actors best films but it may well be the most memorable for some time! The Interview has some solid gags throughout however you do have to put up with nearly the same amount of bad ones, although what excuses those is just the whole premise of the movie. I loved how bold it was and the ambition was something that you rarely see in comedies, so for this I applaud The Interview.

BIGGEST FLAW – One particularly unfunny finger gag

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The ambition/bravery

Rating – 7/10

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