Sony & Marvel Join Forces For Spider-Man


Tuesday the 10th of February 2015 – the day the internet imploded with the news of Sony and Marvel finally coming to a deal regarding Spider-Man’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This is what had to say;

“Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios announced today that Sony is bringing Marvel into the amazing world of Spider-Man. 

Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise, on July 28, 2017, in a film that will be co-produced by Kevin Feige and his expert team at Marvel and Amy Pascal, who oversaw the franchise launch for the studio 13 years ago. Together, they will collaborate on a new creative direction for the web slinger. Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films.”

So at last we have conformation that we will see Spidey on screen with some of our other most loved superheroes such as The Avengers! With this announcement comes many implications for plans that had already been set for future films, several Marvel films have now been pushed back including Thor: Ragnarok which will now be released on November 3rd 2017. Sony had also planned The Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4 plus a Sinister Six movie but it seems that these three films are now unlikely to occur. Also a recast is inevitable meaning that we could be looking for a new Peter Parker.

For me this announcement provokes a range of feelings. Of course I am excited to hear that Spidey will be appearing in the MCU alongside Marvel’s most loved characters. He will be a great addition to those films and it makes sense because he plays such a large role in this universe. However I can’t help but me massively disappointed to see the end of the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man which I really have come to love. Both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 captured this character perfectly and gave me two of my all time favourite movies. I know that these movies weren’t generally well received but I don’t care, I really did love them. I loved the cast and especially Garfield as Spider-Man he was such an improvement from Tobey Maguire and he owned this role. These films had also set up so much for what was to come next in this series but it looks as if we will never see what was going to happen which frustrates and disappoints me greatly. I hate having a lack of closure and this is what it feels like, there were so many aspects that I was looking forward to seeing unfold in future films. I was eager to see how Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin was going to develop and of course I wanted to see The Sinister Six on the big screen! More so than this I was really interested to see how Peter Parker was going to deal with the events of the second film and how they would shape his character. Unfortunately it seems that we won’t get to see any of this, which only irritates me as I feel I have wasted time investing in this series but what can you do? I still have these two films and I know I will re-watch them frequently and always enjoy them. In my opinion Marc Webb did a fantastic job and it is a real shame to see him go!

Now just because of my massive disappointment this doesn’t mean that I am not also hugely excited for the future of Spider-Man. What has been outlined in the statement sounds pretty awesome and I am eager to see how it plays out, much like all of the announced Marvel films in the MCU. The ten films that currently make up the MCU as a whole have almost been perfect and I have really enjoyed the solo efforts and collabrations between the characters. However as the MCU progresses I can’t help but have worries as well as excitement for what is to come. My fear is that things will just become too complicated and crowded, but Marvel rarely let me down so I do have faith. I just hope that Spider-Man gets the adequate attention he deserves. The only possible rumour I have heard for casting so far is Logan Lerman, personally he is one of my favourite actors so I would be really happy for him to fulfill this role but it is probably too early to speculate on this matter.

Anyway, having Spider-Man in any Marvel film is going to make it better. Spider-Man is my favourite Marvel character, my favourite superhero and I am going to love his presence in the MCU even if it isn’t Garfield playing him and even if his story isn’t coherent with the events of The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. All I can say is bring on the next few years as I can’t wait to see what Marvel can throw at us and just how the MCU expands!

What do you guys think, are you disappointed or excited about this deal? Do you think it is still an issue that Sony have ultimate say in what happens, do you think Marvel should have complete control? Let me know what you think about Spider-Man and the always expanding MCU!    


6 thoughts on “Sony & Marvel Join Forces For Spider-Man

  1. I heard about this exciting news late last night and I had trouble falling asleep because I kept thinking about it. I think this is a win-win situation for all the companies involved. I’m also a fan of Andrew Garfield so it’s a little sad to hear he’ll get replaced but on the flip side we’ll get the version of Spidey that Marvel envisions (or co-produced by) that’ll fit into their MCU.

    • Haha, a friend let me know when the news broke but I didn’t have access to social media until late last night, I couldn’t really concentrate on anything else. Yeah I agree as I just love the character of Spider-Man having him in MCU can only be a good thing!

  2. I’m totally with you on the Amazing Spider-Man films, I too loved them both and was looking forward to seeing the story continue (or maybe at least conclude) with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spidey and Marc Webb in the director’s chair.

    Sony arguably messed things up though by obssessing over hastily trying to create an expanded Spider-Man cinematic univerese instead of just focusing on an ASM3. I also hate the fact that we won’t have closure on the Amazing Spider-Man series and would’ve hoped that Sony/Marvel would’ve at least used those two films (loosely) as the origin story and continue on from there. The fact that the character will be rebooted back to high school AGAIN dials down the excitement a little, well for me at least!

    • Yeah that is a good point, I would have been happy with a conclusion rather than a continuation even! I feel that Sony have only ‘messed up’ due to this news though, if they had continued with their plan I would have been confident that a good universe would have been created. I don’t mind the high school setting either as it doesn’t necessarily mean an origin story! All in all, now that I have processed the news I am excited. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I enjoyed the Amazing Spider-Man films, too. I really wished they would have at closed that out properly and let Garfield be the MCU Spidey. I’m really not feeling the whole go back to younger Spider-Man thing, but it is what it is.

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