Fifty Shades of Grey (Cinema Screening)

50_shades_of_Grey_wallpaper(spoiler free)

The most talked about film of the year is finally here. With much controversy surrounding it of course I was eager to see it and to get in on the discussion. There has been a media frenzy following this film both positive and negative. I haven’t personally read any of the books in this series so can only review the film, but anyway that is the way it should be. I was really just intrigued to see if this film was anything more than porn.

The nature of this film obviously brings about several moral issues and the terms ‘sexual violence’ and ‘domestic abuse’ have been thrown about a lot regarding the film. However I am not reviewing the film based on its subject matter but how the film was built around it. Each individual will have to come to their own opinion on this issue, personally I do think that the film could be dangerous if viewed by the wrong people although the same can be said for films which follow serial killers so we need to be careful before we condemn the way the film has been made due solely to its content, this I think is unfair. I think the problem is that people are criticising the film based on the book before having watched it. As I say I haven’t read the book but the impression I get is that it is a much more graphic and dark story than the one portrayed in the film. From what I have gleaned by reading several articles is that the film and the book are very different. So to claim that Fifty Shades of Grey (the film) glamorizes sexual violence and domestic abuse based on assumptions made from reading the book is inaccurate as the film does not do that.

I honestly think that Fifty Shades of Grey does present its content strongly, it dealt with the moral issues surrounding the film quite well. The film ends up portraying a well rounded view of the content and showcases both sides to the argument (if you will) fairly. Fifty Shades of Grey was more than just porn, there was a story here and the characters were complex. The story shaped the characters and the past of each of these characters plays an important role. It was fascinating to watch them deal with their sexuality, the film shows how each character views this in a different way and how different sexual activity can affect the individual. Unfortunately the story never really goes deep enough, therefore its full potential isn’t ever meet. Of course some scenes are hard to watch and I struggle to think how some would view them as erotic but as the film has shown each individual has different tastes. The correct balance for this genre was probably met here as the sex scenes were done as tastefully as this genre allows.

I thought the film was really stylish and it looked great, it terms of this I thought the film was well made. The soundtrack contributed to this too as it effortlessly molds to the visuals creating an appropriate atmosphere. Due to this I thought that despite its over two hours long running time that the film never became boring, a feat that is usually impossible to achieve when a film focuses on romance, although whether or not Fifty Shades does focus on this is questionable. Both of the lead actors, (Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson) perform well and they even manage to overcome some terrible dialogue and unrealistic scenarios.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a film that intrigues, it looks fantastic and features some good performances. Ultimately it provides a lot of issues to talk about, which is one aspect of film which I love. However in terms of entertainment I am not sure that it excels, I don’t think that the film is going to age well. The controversy attached to the film certainly enhanced it in a way that if it didn’t have this the film wouldn’t be as engaging.

Rating – 6/10

6 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey (Cinema Screening)

  1. Good review. It had some early promise, but for the most part, lost it all once the sex just started to get tiresome and repetitive.

  2. Solid review – I thought it was pretty bad, while the acting was ok, I don’t think the actors were right, she was better cast, but Grey just didn’t feel right, think he needed to be more powerful, may be bigger in size. But overall the script wasn’t great, there was no real build up to the sex. And then the S&M scenes were very tame…… Secretary is a much better film dealing with this sexual behaviour.

    1. Thank you. Yeah upon some reflection I think it was the hype and controversy that kept me interested more than anything else! I actually did think Grey did well, I thought his character made sense however most are disagreeing! Yeah I saw the issues with the script and the lack of build up too, yes many are saying that Secretary is the front runner for this genre!

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