Unfinished Business (Cinema Screening)

unfinished-business-dave-franco-vince-vaughn(spoiler free)

So we are now more than 2 months into 2015 and we have yet to have a solid comedy movie. Sure there have been laughs from films like Kingsman, Birdman and Big Hero 6 but the films predominately focused on comedy have mis-fired. The likes of The Wedding Ringer and Mortdecai have failed to achieve the kind of laughter that 22 Jump Street and Bad Neighbours produced last year. Could Unfinished Business fare any better?

Unfortunately not, and now the race for worst comedy of 2015 has two front runners – Mortdecai and Unfinished Business. There is so much wrong with this film it is hard to know where to start. The premise of the film is just ridiculous to be honest, straight from the start I didn’t believe any of it. The fact that Dan (Vince Vaughn) leaves his job over a salary cut to set up his own company to compete with his past employer, Chuck (Sienna Miller) was just the start of the stupid scenarios. To carry on this point I didn’t buy Dan’s family situation, there was no chemistry between any of these characters and it just came across as sloppy casting and development. Mike (Dave Franco) and Timothy (Tom Wilkinson) make up the rest of Dan’s new company and like everything already it is just so far-fetched to make any degree of sense. These characters are just so poorly written as well. Both Franco and Wilkinson’s characters are meant to offer laughs as they portray characters that have been done a million times before in comedies and at a much better level but they pretty much fail at every opportunity given. None of the characters bar Franco’s are even remotely likeable which was a big issue so when the villains of the piece, Miller and James Marsden’s characters, are cruel towards the main characters you just don’t care.

Unfinished Business just isn’t funny either, the best gag of the whole film was featured in the trailer so by the time it came to it in the film I was just bored watching it play out again. There are a couple of moments that did make me chuckle but I am already struggling to remember those jokes as 95% of the time when I was meant to be laughing I wasn’t. There was also a strange bullying theme running throughout the whole film, I guessed that this was meant to connect with the viewer on an emotional level but this isn’t what people want in a comedy. As I have already mentioned I didn’t buy the family situation so of course all this emotion failed and to an embarrassing level and never more apparent than when Vince Vaughn is trying to deliver an ’emotional’ line whilst wearing teal eye-shadow, whose idea was this? Like really. The only redeeming feature to the film was a few aspects to Franco’s character (Mike), although this character had a lot of issues too, simply amongst the rest of this crap Mike did have a few moments that seemed refreshing compared to the rest of the film. If anything it showcased Franco’s acting ability as he has gone from university clever guy in last year’s Bad Neighbours to the polar opposite here.

What baffles me the most is how Unfinished Business managed to get some of the names it did, obviously I’m not surprised with Vaughn’s involvement – it has his name written all over it. However it is the likes of Sienna Miller who appears here fresh from her roles in Foxcatcher and American Sniper and then there is Tom Wilkinson who has just appeared in Selma! Something just doesn’t add up here. Unfinished Business, is just that as a film, unfinished and it would need to undergo a lot of changes before it could come anywhere near to really being acceptable.

Rating – 2/10

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