X + Y (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

X + Y didn’t make it into the timetables of the more mainstream cinemas local to me however I am lucky enough to be located near enough to a cinema which shows the lesser known movies. I always enjoy my experiences there and watching X + Y was no different, hopefully a wide audience will see this film.

X + Y follows young Maths genius, Nathan, this film is about a lot more than maths though and don’t worry you don’t need to be any good at working out equations to enjoy this movie. The films encapsulates a really wide variety of themes and issues into one fantastic story and for that it has to be commended. Any one of these elements (illness, bullying, romance, etc) could be the specific focus of its own film but here instead of focusing on any one in particular X + Y uses aspects from the stories of many to enhance the story it wants to tell. Though, the film gives each character and theme its moment to shine and a chance to say its piece. I really liked this because when you take a step back from the film you realise just how many individuals it has brought together and it shows the importance of every single character and helps you understand them – some of the best character writing I have seen in sometime. For me though the standout character had to be Luke and I thought that Jake Davies had the best performance in the whole film. Even though Davies doesn’t have as much screen time as many of the other characters he uses every second he has to portray Luke and his story to the best of his ability and this young actor certainly has ability. The scene in which he bears all of his character for the viewer to see was the highlight of the film for me.

The script for X + Y was written so well too, it combined emotion and humour so effortlessly and could have you crying one scene and in the next you could be wiping the tears away due to your laughter. It was pitched perfectly and because of this the tone of the film always felt right. I will admit though that X + Y does feel long, I think this is due to its elongated middle section which basically makes up the bulk of the film. However a short and satisfying ending to the film does make up for this, so I identify that this should only really be an issue whilst you are watching the film for the first time. X + Y has a lot to say about a lot of things, the messages that run through the film are interesting, thought provoking and poignant. This is the kind of film that you will probably find yourself still mulling over a couple of days later and it has great potential for re watching simply due to the amount of content in the film. Although Davies was my favourite performance there are many great ones in the cast. Asa Butterfield who plays the lead, Nathan, was fantastic and his performance was so utterly believable and I hope he gets the recognition he deserves for this.

X + Y has set a new formula for film making, it has a large quantity of content but it manages it so perfectly taking the crucial elements of each character and adding them together to make something wonderful. X + Y should appeal to a wide audience and hopefully will be appreciated by many – it almost felt like an amalgamation of short films, I loved this.

Rating – 8.5/10

One thought on “X + Y (Cinema Screening)

  1. Really looking forward to seeing this, a couple of friends saw it while I was in Glasgow, I missed it (watching some 5.38 minutes film instead). Seeing it tomorrow night,

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