Home (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

Home is only the second animated film that I have seen in 2015. The other is Big Hero 6 which I gave the highest stamp of approval to, with that in mind it was always going to be a struggle for Home to stand up to such a strong contender. The trailers made the film seem humourous enough and I was obviously looking forward to Jim Parson’s involvement but how did it all turn out?

Well, in all honesty Home is a bit of a mess. The whole plot gets going far too quickly with little time to build up a connection with the characters meaning that the film isn’t as emotionally effective as it likes to think it is. There are far too many plot points through the film and this quickly becomes a problem. After about halfway through the film every scene almost feels like the finale meaning that Home suffers from serious pacing problems resulting in the viewer never being able to properly settle into the film. The film isn’t boring it just needed to sort out its running order and organise it’s story much better because there was substance in there it just wasn’t presented very well. As I have already said the film doesn’t really work on an emotional level, that isn’t to say that there is no heart here – there definitely is but again due to the way the film has been presented it isn’t conveyed properly. Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez both star in the movie and have recorded songs for this project, these songs are used far too many times in order to trigger an emotional response. This idea works for one scene but the continued use of this just made the film feel like it was being forced to be overly emotional and it just didn’t work.

It wasn’t all bad though, there is some humour in Home. It isn’t as free flowing or as natural as it is in other animations but you should have some fun with some of the gags. As well as this any film that has Jim Parsons and Steve Martin attached to it has to have some redeeming features, and Home does – them! Both of these actors are very talented and their voice performances were easily the highlight of the film for me, Martin in particular. Rhianna and J-Lo serve their purpose to but never shine, thankfully this is step up for Rhianna after here terrible debut in Battleship. If it wasn’t for the names attached to the film though I don’t think my interest would have been sustained for very long.

Overall Home is only marginally better than it is worse, it can’t stand up to recent animation heavyweights such as Big Hero 6 or the How To Train Your Dragon series. There is something here but Home ends up being incredibly muddled and fails to portray the material it is given to work with. Thankfully Jim Parsons and Steve Martin are fantastic here and it was really enjoyable to watch their performances here. Ultimately Home won’t live long in the memory of fans of animation.

BIGGEST FLAW – Way too many plot points going on

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Parsons and Martins voice performances

Rating – 5.5/10


2 thoughts on “Home (Cinema Screening)

  1. Good review yo. I had a feeling this film wouldn’t end up being all that good. I don’t like to hate on films before they come out, however there are some film that you can tell from a ways off that they won’t be a good time.

    • Thank you – yeah I had a similar feeling mate. My curiosity got the better of me though, as always. Although it really wasn’t that great the couple of good voice performances mad it worthwhile.

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