Wild Card (Cinema Screening)

Wild-Card(spoiler free)

Statham has achieved a status with me that he could star in any movie and I would still be excited for it. I managed to avoid all trailers and info for Wild Card – all I knew was that it was set in Vegas and Statham was the leading man, like I needed anything else for me to be intrigued.

Wild Card isn’t the all out action flick that many Statham fans may be expecting and I could understand why this expectation not being met could disappoint some. This is quite a bizarre film, it focuses more on Statham’s character (Nick) rather than any spectacle in terms of action. There were some definite issues with Wild Card which could end up getting it some hate. For example there is one character, Holly, who just isn’t dealt with well. There was a lack of some much needed character development here and I just didn’t get her motivations/reactions to certain things – basically I didn’t think she was a believable character and it didn’t help that I wasn’t impressed by the actresses performance either. The film almost has a wandering plot for some time, as I say it is a film much more about character than action but it even takes a while for you to really get a grips of any of the plot and to see where the film is going. There are some gambling scenes in the film and whilst at first these welcome a refreshing tone for the film they quickly become predictable and a little monotonous. I feel like I should have been bored during Wild Card but strangely I never was.

Wild Card was bizarrely likeable, there was a certain charm to the rather odd story. There was one character in particular who was amusing and brought another aspect to the film, his involvement whilst seeming slightly out of place ended up being one of the best things about the film. Another highlight was of course the short involvement of Stanley Tucci, this man has quickly become one of my favourite actors and his presence really lifted the film. His scenes were entertaining and took the film almost 180 degrees in terms of a change of tone which shouldn’t have really worked but somehow did. There were only really three action scenes in the movie, slow motion was employed in a couple of instances too but unfortunately it didn’t work here. Jason Statham is best when he is going 100mph, so I didn’t appreciate the slowing down of these scenes, once we finally got them. The second action sequence was the best in the film and its accompaniment of a certain festive favourite only added to the scene, probably the highlight of the movie. There was an underlying humour to the whole film too, this often came from the dialogue which for this aspect was well written.

Wild Card is easily one of the most bizarre films I have seen this year, it isn’t typical Statham but I liked that. The oddness of everything involved strangely enough manages to intrigue you. If you are willing to wait you will be rewarded with a couple of action scenes and a nice turn from Tucci. I could see how some may find this film boring and a bit all over the place but I manged to enjoy it however I acknowledge that I may not have been so patient with it if it wasn’t Statham in the lead role.

Rating – 6/10


6 thoughts on “Wild Card (Cinema Screening)

      • It’s just a really bland movie in my humble opinion, it could rank up there as one of his worst if he didn’t do tripe like Gnomeo & Juliet and War.

        I wrote a bit about it here; wp.me/p5yG8j-n8

        Now if we’re talking action, I cannot wait to see John Wick in the cinema when it finally see’s a release.

      • Mate, I need John Wick in my life! It has been driving me mad that America have had it for so long, I love Keanu, I just hope that it hasn’t been over-hyped!

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