Good Kill (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

All I knew about Good Kill was what I had read from the poster and the short one sentence synopsis. I thought there might be some ethical intrigue, and I was looking forward to watching Hawke’s character battle with his job as a drone pilot. I kind of glanced over that detail before entering the cinema, this is a film about a DRONE pilot. Therefore there is a distinct lack of action. I watched this film about three days ago now and it’s quickly fading from my memory but I will try my best to present my thoughts.

Good Kill was easily one of the most boring cinema experiences I have had this year. As I have already highlighted the fact that Hawke is basically playing with a remote control plane for the whole film doesn’t really inspire much intrigue or excitement. The ethical issue of his job was the most interesting part of the film but I don’t ever feel like it was properly explored which was a shame. The best parts of the film are when you see the characters deciding which targets to destroy and if any civilians causalities can be accounted for, however there are only so many times you can watch a silent explosion on a screen before it gets monotonous. The film lacks anything close to pace and drags at an enormous rate. The only other real plot point of the film is Hawke’s family situation which is almost a no go from the start due to the lack of character development and the stale performances – however I feel this had a lot to do with the scripting and character writing more than anything. Hawke has the same grim expression on his face for about ninety per cent of this film and funnily enough it was the same one I was wearing whilst watching it. I thought the only real redeeming feature of the film was Zoe Kravitz (X-Men: First Class & Divergent) I thought she showed promise here and did well with the pretty terrible material that she was given.

Good Kill is a waste of time. What could have been an interesting look at specific role in the US Army ended up being a complete misfire due to an unimaginative script, non-existent pacing and uninspiring performances for the most part. Good Kill is massively forgettable too, hence me almost forgetting to write this review the best way I can describe it is a poor man’s American Sniper.

Rating – 3/10

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