Hot Pursuit (Cinema Screening)

hot-pursuit-e-entertainment-television-promo-movie-trailer-large-10(spoiler free)

2015 has been a pretty terrible year for comedy, there have been several truly awful films from the genre in the seven months that we have had of the year so far. Unfinished Business, Mortdecai, Search Party are only a few of the worst offenders. When Hot Pursuit was released in America back in May it seemed that we had another comedy to add to the previous list as the negative reviews came flooding in.

Hot Pursuit stars Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara, two actresses with a certain presence in todays popular culture. Witherspoon has always been popular but the success of her more recent film, Wild, has certainly boosted her back into the spotlight. Vergara has Modern Family to thank for her success, she probably plays the best character in the show as Gloria is one of the funniest TV characters we have had in a while. These two actresses have a lot going for them its just a shame that Hot Pursuit doesn’t. The film just isn’t all that funny, there are some laughs throughout the movie but it doesn’t have the consistency to keep the audiences enjoyment from flagging. One scene in particular though was very funny featuring the results of Witherspoon’s character, Cooper, after accidentally consuming ‘baking powder’. When the film isn’t funny it never becomes annoying which is a good thing. Hot Pursuit isn’t annoyingly bad, the comedies I mentioned in my intro were but thanks to the likeability of the leads you shouldn’t mind too much when not every laugh lands.

Hot Pursuit is as by the numbers as you can get being one hundred percent predictable at every turn and at ninety minutes it does feel long in parts. However, again its the chemistry that the lead actresses have that make everything bearable. Both Witherspoon and Vergara work very well together and thanks to the bloopers during the credits its clear to see that they really were having a good time with this film. Witherspoon even manages to impress with her acting as she plays such a different character to her other recent roles, she stands out as a great actresses even if the film is pretty rubbish. If I’m honest I feel Hot Pursuit has got a pretty rough time which isn’t wholly deserved. Whilst the film misses with its comedy about half the time it is still enjoyable thanks to the likeable leads and the few comical moments that are in there.

Hot Pursuit is far from being a good comedy but I don’t think its awful either. If you like either of the actresses you should be able to find something to enjoy here and there are laughs to be had. I’d recommend that you see the film in a group on a cheap night at the cinema, don’t spend any more than the price of a cheap ticket otherwise you may be left feeling a little short changed.

Rating – 5/10 


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