Trainwreck (Cinema Screening)

Trainwreck-Amy-Schumer-and-Bill-Hader(spoiler free)

Here we are again, yet another romantic-comedy hitting the big screen, but wait – this one seemed to be getting good reviews!? I find it hard to enjoy this genre, for me most of the films are carbon copies of each other and they are just filled out with soppy over emotional rubbish, could Trainwreck change things?

The first section of the film was way too sex obsessed, it became vulgar and unfunny really quickly meaning that I wasn’t on board with the film at all. Wrestler, John Cena plays a boyfriend of Amy Schumer’s in the movie but unfortunately he was just awful. His scenes were unrealistic and his cringe worthy acting did nothing to help the situation. Thankfully when Bill Hader makes his appearance in the movie things vastly improve. The chemistry that he and Schumer had was really good, some of the best I have seen and it made the whole thing very watchable. The secondary characters were very funny too. Whether it was Amy’s Father, her nephew, work colleagues or her boss, played brilliantly by Tilda Swinton, these characters always offered some variety amongst the already present comedy. The dramatic elements of the film were effective too, these moments always gave the romance a framework and made the whole film feel that bit more realistic. The drama stood strong against the comedy that was on offer and was successful in creating a poignant atmosphere where intended.

However for the ballsy start and more brave script throughout the movie the film does eventually give into all the generic rom-com cliches. This really was a shame as I thought that the movie would maybe steer clear of them but alas it follows suit to all the previous installments of this genre. Although certain cliches are improved upon meaning that they are more engaging than normal which was a plus. Trainwreck really varied in interest, the start was awful and then it became better and seemed to be unstoppable but inevitably it runs into some issues again on a few occasions meaning that my interest really did flag at times. The film does manage to pull itself back to together again for the final moments leaving you with a good impression but that doesn’t excuse the bumpy ride it took to get there.

Trainwreck is more engaging than the vast majority of rom-coms that I have seen. This is thanks to great chemistry, funny supporting characters and effective drama. Where it falls down is in its opening, its inconsistency in maintaining interest and that casting decision. Overall the good outweighs the bad and makes for a good watch.

Rating – 7/10

P.S. if you ever plan to watch The Usual Suspects cover your ears for the treadmill scene as massive spoilers are mentioned, shocking behaviour! Funny moment if you have seen the movie though.


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