A Dozen Summers

A Dozen Summers(spoiler free)

Children’s comedies aren’t that commonplace in todays cinemas, especially if they aren’t animated. So straight away A Dozen Summers fills a slight gap in the current cinema listings. Written, directed and produced by Kenton Hall, A Dozen Summers is the story of two sisters trying to work out what life is all about!

A Dozen Summers has a fantastic opening which is amusing and grabs the viewers attention immediately. The addition of Colin Baker’s narration to this opening and other parts of the film add a real sense of talent and humour to the proceedings I only wish he could have contributed more to the film. There is more humour that just the opening though, the funniest moments would have to be the father daughter moments. These scenes were great as they perfectly portray this kind of relationship resulting in much amusement. Look out for some bully banter too as it’s equally as clever and effective in terms of its humour.

The film is edited really nicely, especially the opening and closing credits. Throughout the film too editing is used well as the story often jumps forward passing unnecessary scenes and most likely boring ones. The clever decision to by pass these moments is enhanced by the slick editing. However, I did think that some transitions between scenes could have been done with slightly more pace and rapidity. The more emotional moments of drama were refreshing amongst all the editing and this maybe could have been a better focus, I felt there was more potential in the emotional moments than the comedy. However what I have to remember is that A Dozen Summers is a children’s comedy and because of this the right balance of focus was probably achieved.

A Dozen Summers is a fun family movie that has been made impressively. Colin Baker and some really well written moments offer the best humour in the film and the more emotional moments that come later in the film offer a nice variety and balance to the movie. A Dozen Summers is going into limited UK theatrical release on August 21st so if it sounds like something you would enjoy go check it out!


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