American Ultra (Cinema Screening)

american-ultra-header-400(spoiler free)

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are two of my least favourite actors, I just find them really irritating for some reason. So with both of this actors filling leading roles in American Ultra I’m sure you could guess how excited I was for this movie.

The first thing I noticed from the film was that the whole drug thing was really a background theme throughout the film. I found this a little odd just as all the posters, synopsis’ and trailers seemed to make a big deal of this and imply that it would be a major element of the story but its really not – I was glad of this as I only think this would have increased the irritation that I had with the lead actors already. Saying that despite my dislike for them I actually thought that Eisenberg performed really well in his role and the pair had good and believable chemistry which quickly silenced my issues with both actors. Once the action starts things really get going, the film becomes fun rather than just simply silly. There is a variety of action which is most welcome and there are some top moments here. However, everything inbetween these action packed scenes ends up being ridiculously boring. You’ll just find yourself willing the next action sequence to explode onto the screen.

I have to say that the comedy element isn’t as obvious as the action, there aren’t any really laugh out loud moments but the latter half of the film does have some humour, it just took a bit too long to kick in. The finale to the film has some of the best action and comedy that the film has but boy does it drag on. It literally refuses to end which doesn’t leave the viewer with a favourable memory of the film even though there is fun to had with it. Saying that though, this problem is immediately dealt with as the film’s best scene is its very final one. This scene shows the future of some of our characters and I felt that there was more potential for this than the origin story that we see here. This did however leave a sense of enjoyment with the viewer as the credits rolled. Also someone needs to scoop up a certain animated creation in this film and make a TV show or short film about them and their adventures, you’ll understand if you see the film.

Overall American Ultra surpassed my massively low expectations. The action is really fun in parts and there is humour at times too. With some creativity and surprisingly likeable performances American Ultra manages to make a better impression that I first would have thought. Although, due to the boring exchanges inbetween action I’d say this movie would be best enjoyed on the TV in the background, don’t worry if you don’t give it your full attention you’ll perk up for all the best bits.

Rating – 6/10


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