The D Train (Cinema Screening)

the-d-train-jack-black-trailer-001(spoiler free)

“The head of a high school reunion committee travels to Los Angeles to track down the most popular guy from his graduating class and convince him to go to the reunion.” Forgive me for thinking that a film with this synopsis starring Jack Black and James Marsden was most likely going to be a comedy. Whilst the movie is categorised into this genre I would have to disagree as there is little to laugh at in this bizarre and surprisingly dark film.

Literally all of the synopsis’ I have read suggested that The D Train was going to be an unlikely buddy comedy but instead what the viewer is subjected to is a horrendous dark story which is just uncomfortable to watch. I don’t want to say why the film takes such a dark turn as I don’t like to discuss spoilers but whilst it was clearly intended to be the subject of the movie it was so unnecessary. The film sets itself up well for a comedy, all the cards are in place for silly antics and with Jack Black at the helm it would have worked but then it just takes a baffling and depressing turn for the worse. The themes dealt with in The D Train are dark and I would just want to prepare you for that if you go see the movie, which I really don’t reccomend, as I think the surprise made it worse. I’m not objecting to a film exploring such themes as bizarre as they are I just think that The D Train dealt with them horribly.

Jack Black and James Marsden do perform their parts well as do the supporting cast, especially Kathryn Hahn. However, it would take a considerable amount more than good performances to save The D Train from the wreck that it is. The tone of the film is very confusing, I feel that the film makers were trying to achieve some sort of dark comedy but this always failed and at times came across really distasteful. As I’ve already stated the film deals with the themes horribly but this isn’t at all helped with the bizarre finale and the lack of closure with certain aspects of the story. This could have worked as a drama but the wrong angle is approached by the directors resulting in a hideous back fire. The score for the film contributed well to the dark and depressing tone that the film presented, deliberate or not. However, when I say ‘well’ I mean only made things more unbearable – so depending on whether or not thats what the film makers were going for it could be a positive or a negative, I’d guess the latter though.

The D Train was awful, firstly a miscommunication in subject matter lead the viewers down the completely wrong path. The film then fails in what it plans to achieve, I think, with its dark comedy. The film has a good cast who perform well but because the film fails to fully address the issues presented The D Train can’t even handle the bizarre story that its trying to tell. Probably one of the weirdest films I’ve seen in my life and one that I genuinely wish I hadn’t seen, I’m not sure that has ever happened before. Don’t go and see this movie.

Rating – 2/10 


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