Solace (Cinema Screening)

(spoiler free)

Anthony Hopkins is on the other side of the glass in this new thriller entitled Solace. His character, John Clancy, a psychic, is on the hunt for a rampaging serial killer. I had heard nothing about this film until I saw its synopsis and screening times appear on my local cinema’s website. The shoddy looking poster didn’t fill me with hope but a serial killer thriller starring Hopkins was enough to intrigue me.

Much of the success of the film will depend on how much you buy into the whole psychic element. This is an element which is heavily utilised in the film and is the main focus of many scenes and certainly Hopkins character. At first I found the whole thing a little naff but I genuinely think that the film deals with the theme well and I actually quickly got on board with the concept. The majority of the psychic elements are handled well and some really enhance the film, its only on one occasion where things become maybe a bit too far-fetched and take you out of the film. Solace was very creepy, I really wasn’t prepared for how chilling parts of it would be. The psychic nature to much of the film warranted visions and flashbacks often meaning different images flashing up in scenes, this certainly kept me on my toes and I felt it contributed well to the thriller atmosphere. Of course I should have expected some kind of creepiness, after all Anthony Hopkins does star and whilst is he hunting the serial killer this time round I was never quite at ease with him. This all combined to give the film a great air of tension, the pace as well helped with this meaning that Solace really earns it title as a thriller.

The film builds well towards the finale which is great but I felt like if certain plot details had of remained secret a little longer more suspense and shock could have been produced, nonetheless its thrilling throughout. The thing I loved most about the film though is how it produces many points for discussion. This happens in two ways, with some moments of the film possibly being ambiguous these will certainly allow for much debate but also with the ethical issues that the film plays with. Both of these aspects allow the film to live on longer than the experience in the cinema, this is the type of film that I get most from. There are other elements that contribute to the strength of the movie too, the performances are all good. Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell are the big names here and they do their bit but the other actors such as Abbie Cornish and Jeffrey Dean Morgan do well too. As the credits rolled I was pretty satisfied with my time at the cinema and I noticed some nice accompanying music, I can’t say that the score was overall that noticeable throughout the movie. However, at times great tension would be created through abruptly cutting out the present music, I thought this was tool that was really well used.

So if you can get past and accept the psychic element to this film you should certainly be able to have a good time with Solace. You’ll be on the edge of your seat from pretty early on in and the tension doesn’t ever let up. There are also elements of action to the film as well so it should appeal to a wider audience. I’d recommend going to see this movie in a group as there is plenty of great discussion to be had afterwards. It has a couple of issues but on the whole Solace is a largely successful thriller, I’d say it’s worth checking out!

Rating – 8/10 


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