Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (Cinema Screening)

Dragon-Ball-Z-Fukkatsu-no-F-Visual(spoiler free)

Dragon Ball Z was a massive part of my childhood as I’m sure it was for many other guys (and girls) my age. It was more exciting than any other cartoon out there, there was violence, epic fight scenes, weird aliens but also such likeable characters which I grew pretty attached to. Since growing up all I’ve managed to revisit from the series is season 1 of Dragon Ball Z. So my knowledge of all things DBZ is pretty poor, its almost impossible to catch up with the amount of material out there but when I saw the latest film advertised I knew I’d be buying a ticket.

Luckily my gap in knowledge for all things DBZ was not an issue here, sure I wasn’t certain who all the characters were and it took me a good while to work out that the dude in the green tracksuit was Gohan but apart from this Resurrection F is really easy to follow. Freeza/Frieza was never my favourite villain but he was always an entertaining one to watch and its clever to bring back such a retro character because boy does the nostalgia hit you in the face harder than a kamehameha! Much like many of the adventures we have seen our favourite characters embark on before the film is a little slow to start and it just buys time until Goku and Vegeta show up. However, this isn’t all bad as it allows some of the other characters like Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Master Roshi and Tien to flex their muscles for a bit too. Once the saiyans arrive though it’s business as usual with fight scenes galore accompanied by that ever so familiar guitar heavy background music. One thing I really picked up on whilst all this was playing out was of course the improvements in the animation, clearly in my absence of regular viewing things have improved as is to be expected but I simply found it very noticeable and was impressed.

One aspect of DBZ which many of the fans, like myself, enjoy the most is the humour and Resurrection F is full of it. The banter between Goku and Vegeta is a good as ever and it was a real treat seeing this rivalry in action again. Futhermore two new characters to me, Whis and Lord Beerus contributed a lot to the comedy through their love for the earths cuisine! The comedy as always blended with the story very well and acted as a nice aside to the action. My biggest problem with Resurrection F is kind of a compliment though, I just wanted more. I wanted to see more of the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta, I wanted more forms of Frieza and more action. This movie was only ninety minutes long, I would have been so happy to see it stretched to the two hour mark. This only shows you how much I was enjoying myself as I simply didn’t want it to end. The nostalgia was just fantastic, seeing all these characters on the big screen was genuinely such a treat. It has wet my appetite to catch up with DBZ so much, revisiting season 1 earlier in the year was so enjoyable and not just for nostalgia, it’s actually a great anime series and something tells me that I’ll be watching season 2 quite soon.

Any fan of DBZ, current or from back in the day, should have an absolute blast with Resurrection F. For the nostalgia alone it’s worth checking out but just beware that you’re most likely going to be left wanting more! Resurrection F features all the best characters and does so well within the time it has. Just get me the 7 Dragon Balls so I can wish for another movie!

Rating – 8/10 


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