The Intern (Cinema Screening)

The_Intern_Poster-512x512(spoiler free)

As I don’t watch trailers as I saw photos and posters for The Intern appearing I assumed that this film would focus on Anne Hathaway interning for Robert De Niro. However. it quickly became apparent that I had got this the wrong way round and in fact it was Robert De Niro’s character that was interning for Anne Hathaway’s. Before anything else I thought this was a nice twist on things – I was already sold on the premise.

I’m happy to report that it was more than just the premise that impressed me in this film. The Intern is a very funny film and in a very kind of effortless way. It doesn’t matter if a while goes by without a big gag because everything else is so enjoyable but everytime that you are meant to laugh you will as there are two or three really great sequences in the film supported by comical dialogue and smaller moments throughout the movie. Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway are very convincing in their lead roles here and they have a very charming and believable kind of chemistry. There is a great supporting cast in the movie too including Adam DeVine, probably best know for his role in the Pitch Perfect movies. This supporting cast are instrumental for most of the comedy moments and they perform just they way they need to in order to provoke the most laughter possible.

The film, at two hours long, is more than just comedy as it features a big drama element too. For the most part I think this was handled well but as the film enters its second half and begins to focus much more on this side of things it is obvious that the film loses some of its good pacing that it had in its first half. The film I think focuses too much on this drama, especially in the final moments of the movie and to a certain extent does take away from what has come before it and the film does end rather abruptly. Saying that The Intern isn’t predictable – the whole film I was saying to myself inside my head what was going to happen, convinced and happy with myself that I’d guessed the outcome but alas I was miles away, I liked this though. I was also thankful that Rene Russo’s role in the movie was actually a good one, her story line and involvement with De Niro’s character never becomes tiresome as it gets just the right about of attention and is always kept itself quite light, so as a result I thought that this element was handled perfectly.

The Intern is a very funny movie guaranteeing plenty of laughs throughout and the chemistry not only between the leads but all the characters is done very well. The development of the characters as well only strengthens the film but where it falls down is in its drama elements. Initially this is handled very well but when it’s solely under the spotlight it confuses the tone of the film and the ending may not be totally satisfying for all viewers. Nonetheless, The Intern is still a great comedy film which I would highly reccomend.

Rating – 8/10


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