Bridge of Spies (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg working together again can only result in a great film right? The thought of this collaboration sure got me excited earlier in the year when I first heard about it. However, since then and as the release date for Bridge of Spies approached I completely lost interest in it and began to doubt that the film would be good. From the few clips I had seen I began to think the film could have a lot of potential to be boring. Hanks & Spielberg, boring!? Surely not!?

I’m afraid my doubts were accurate as I really didn’t enjoy this film at all. The first half of the movie is decent and the premise made for an interesting enough story. However, it’s a shame that this is never fully explored. There was much potential for drama in this first section but because certain elements are completely skimmed over this potential is never met. Things only get worse when the events of the story move to Berlin though. From this point until the finale of the movie the plot becomes dull, uninteresting and as a result I was extremely bored and found myself fighting to stay awake. The film basically becomes a collection of conversations or negotiations where the same material is repeated again and again. Adding to this already lifeless set up was the length of these scenes, each being far too long for the viewer to keep their attention on screen. When the relief of a scene ending was granted it was swiftly taken away as another mammoth conversation awaited the audience.

When the film manages to talk its way to the finale things do slightly improve but only because anything would have been more interesting that what the viewer has just had to experience. So whilst the finale probably thinks its full of drama and tension in reality it just feels drawn out. The biggest problem with the finale is the fact that I really didn’t care about any of the characters involved. Not enough time had been devoted to their characters to make this finale effective in anyway. The failure to meet the potential of the first half of the film really does the finale in here and more time focused on certain characters could have solved a lot of problems. Of course the only saving grace of the film is Tom Hanks who is wonderful as always but not even he can lift this Cold War disaster out of its monotonous pit. What’s so annoying is that the individual Hanks portrays, lawyer James B. Donavan seems to have been an extraordinary man but Bridge of Spies does little to showcase this. The information about him and other characters that appears on screen at the end was immediately more interesting than anything the film had shown.

For me this is Spielberg’s lowest point in his career, I’m not quite sure how the director of Jaws, Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan – films so full of tension, adventure and emotion could be responsible for such a film devoid of all those things. Bridge of Spies will bore most of the general movie going public I think, Cold War enthusiasts may enjoy it but other than those I have a feeling fans of Spielberg and Hanks are going to be sorely disappointed.

Rating – 4/10


9 thoughts on “Bridge of Spies (Cinema Screening)

  1. It’s a solid piece of entertainment that I feel like only someone like Spielberg could deliver on. However, I will admit that it’s not one of his better flicks. Still, good review.

  2. I would say that I found more enjoyment in this film than you as I thought ir was fairly entertaining and dramatic with some pretty solid performances, though I will say that it wasn’t as engaging as I had hoped.

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed the film more than me, I’m wondering if the film should have been looked at more from one of the prisoners perspective – but I won’t be thinking about it for too much longer haha

  3. I usually do agree with you mate but i loved this one. Thought it was a bit different than most and looking at that russian guy early on was great. Then the whole insight into Berlin. I know it was slow at times though and the true story aspect probably held it back at times. Not the best Spielberg but still fairly solId. I was the opposite. Went in not expecting to like but did.

    • haha, it was about time we had a disagreement right!? the 4 marks that it did get were for the first section, I did find that part interesting and how Hank’s character wanted to give him a proper defense I was just gutted that we didn’t get to see any of the actual trial, that’s what I was getting at in terms of missed potential. I’m glad you enjoyed it, but for me because being bored is the thing I hate most in movies it does near my worst of the year list haha

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