The Good Dinosaur (Cinema Screening)


(spoiler free)

2015 has been a landmark year for Pixar Animation Studios as this has been the first year that they have released two feature length films. Earlier in the year we got Inside Out’ which was highly praised by critics and film fans. I really enjoyed it as well but I wasn’t too excited for ‘The Good Dinosaur’ even despite this sterling effort! Was there any chance that Arlo and Spot could stand up to the emotions of ‘Inside Out’?

The first problem with ‘The Good Dinosaur‘ was actually the fact that it was released in the same year as another Pixar movie! This release just didn’t feel like a Pixar movie, the lack of promotion for it was quite something and because of this it didn’t feel like an event, which is usually the case for Pixar films. However, I’m afraid that isn’t were the problems with ‘The Good Dinosaur’ end. My biggest problem I had with this film was its originality. It felt like ‘The Lion King’ meets ‘Ice Age’ but not as good as either of those films. Even the film’s title just suggests unoriginality and an overall lack of effort which is how much of the film comes across too. The opening to the film is rough with it being painfully predictable and the messages being made so obvious. It felt like there was a vague idea somewhere here and along the way it’s been packaged up with a mix of different elements ranging in quality meaning that a very average movie has been produced.

There were some good moments in there though, whilst not matching the emotion of previous Pixar efforts ‘The Good Dinosaur’ does have a couple of great touching scenes. The characters like much else in the film are hit and miss, Spot is the more likeable character between him and dino Arlo. I think the film would have been better had the focus been on Spot instead as I never really warmed to Arlo. The supporting characters are mainly good however, the screen time certain characters get is more when it should be less and vice versa. As a result of this the film takes too long to obtain any real structure and the first half of the film doesn’t flow well at all. However, it has to be remembered that the target audience for films like these is the kids. Many of the issues I have highlighted won’t phase kids in the slightest and there is certainly enjoyment to be had for them here. I’d just give a word of warning to the parents though that this one, unlike ‘Inside Out’, that probably won’t entertain them in a similar way as I found it largely lacking in humour. Oh but don’t forget that there is also a new short film beforehand too which was a real treat!

‘The Good Dinosaur’ suffers from what feels like a lack of originality and effort, with it being the second film released this year by Pixar it feels very rushed. It has a dated feel that won’t go down well with parents but I don’t think you’ll hear too many complaints from the kids. As a stand alone animation ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is decent but when compared to its Pixar & Disney predecessors it really doesn’t stand up to their quality. With a largely uninspiring story and style ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is nothing more than just that, good, and even that was a stretch. It certainly won’t have the lasting effect of films ‘Toy Story’ or ‘Finding Nemo’.

Rating – 6/10


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