Vote HCMovieReviews @ the UK Blog Awards 2016


We are certainly in the midst of movie awards season with the Golden Globes and Oscar ceremonies just around the corner. One award ceremony you may not be as familiar with though is the UK Blog Awards, and it’s with great excitement that I can announce that HCMovieReviews is eligible to vote for in this years awards.

What are the UK Blog Awards?

“2014 was the first year in existence for the UK Blog Awards. The Awards are an exciting and uplifting time for the digital industry of Blogging professionals. For what may seem like a lifetime, company employees and private individuals have been found Blogging about opinions, facts and sharing good practice with viewers of the worldwide web since the early 1990s. So, here at UKBA we thought it was about time that individual Bloggers and companies received recognition for all your well earned innovative opinions and content! The UK Blog Awards has been created to recognise true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of 16 UK industries, as well as awarding 2 sub-categories: Best Storyteller and Most Innovative award.” 

(Taken from the UK Blog Awards website)

What category does HCMovieReviews feature in?

My blog is entered in the ‘Individual Entries’ section under the ‘Arts and Culture’ category. I’ll be competing with 100s of other blogs that cover such subjects as theatre, dance, book, films and much more. I’ve a lot of competition and even more so as we are all fighting for 10 spots on the shortlist. If a blog makes it on to the shortlist they get to attend the UK Blog Awards 2016 awards ceremony in London in April.

How do I vote for HCMovieReviews?

It’s all very simple, if you follow THIS LINK it will take you to my profile in the voting section and then all you have to do is enter your name, email & select the arts and culture category from a drop down menu. It really is as simple as that.

The even better news is that you are allowed to VOTE ONCE A DAY using your phone, tablet or desktop device up until the voting deadline which is the 25th of January. So I would really appreciate it if you could vote as many times as possible in that time period.

Why vote for HCMovieReviews?

Blogging is one thing in my life which I absolutely love. I devote so much time to it and I honestly put my all into it. I know there are blogs out there that look better, read more fluently and are all round more professional. However, on this blog I like to be myself and I’m just a regular guy who loves to talk about movies. I hope you have seen that if you are a regular reader. I love interacting with you guys, my readers, and when I post an article I don’t care about views as long as it gets discussion going I’m happy.

It would mean the world to me to be shortlisted and therefore attend the awards ceremony in London in April. I’d love to be a part of this process and experience the celebrations that the ceremony will bring. I know I’d have a great time and it would be so special to see my hard work over the years being recognised in this way. I’d bring you guys along too though, keeping you updated with photos and tweets through the whole experience!

If you’ve ever read or enjoyed my blog, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account please consider voting for me. You have the power in thirty seconds to make this blogger happy for a very long time.

Thank you so much in advance if you do vote for me and please let me know so I can thank you properly!

Vote for JumpCut UK too!

My friends and official partner JumpCut UK are also up for an award but unlike my blog they are up for an award in the ‘Company Entries’ section but also in the ‘Arts & Culture’ category. It’s nice that we aren’t in direct competition haha. These guys run an awesome blog and it’s been a pleasure working with them over the last few months. I honestly can’t think of more deserved winners of this award, please vote for them.

Follow THIS LINK to vote for JumpCut UK.  (and do so every day)


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