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In a year full of what we hope will be epic, dark and exciting superhero movies we’ve also got the long awaited first ‘Deadpool’ movie. Where other films in the genre go for scale and drama it’s been clear from the marketing campaign for ‘Deadpool’ that it dares to be different and has a greater focus on comedy and crudeness. Of course this comes from the influence of the character in the comics and hopefully will set straight the problems that Deadpool faced in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.

Whilst ‘Deadpool’ is obviously quite different from anything else we’ve seen from Marvel at its routes it’s still very much a superhero movie. What it is though is a refreshing look and entry into the genre and especially that of the origin story. What I also found quite amusing was the fact that as a joke one poster promoting the film gave the impression that this was going to be a romantic drama perfect for Valentines Day. Other than the poster being quite misleading it’s funny in another way because when you look at the film romance is actually one of the main elements, inbetween all the shooting, swearing and gore that is! This was no issue though, the romance featured here was great. It’s very watchable and it never drags along too long, it’s always important for the development of the story and because of that this element of the film worked so well. Something that might surprise viewers is the fact that ‘Deadpool’ actually has a story too it, this film isn’t just Reynolds cracking jokes in a red suit for two hours. This was great though as if there was one thing I was worried about it was the balance between the humour and the plot. As we’ve already seen earlier in the year, crude humour without any solid plot to back it up just doesn’t work – thanks for that ‘Dirty Grandpa’. Thankfully this isn’t the case here though and the balance comes off just right.

Of course humour is a massive part of the film and it is effective with nearly all the jokes landing. The standout moment for comedy, and action actually, is the opening set piece where ‘Deadpool’ creates a pile up on the highway. The action itself was great too, I’d just have loved a little more of it. The humour effortlessly weaves it way inbetween these sequences and somehow works. Usually I’m not a fan of this but it worked so well here. My only complaint about this element is that some of the CGI could have been cleaner. One element to the action that I always enjoyed though was the music accompanying Deadpool’s movements, it had an element of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ to it which just worked so well.

Deadpool as a character in the comics talks to the readers and here in the film he also talks to the audience. The constant breaking of the fourth wall, much like the humour in the action sequences, comes across very natural. Credit to Ryan Reynolds as he pulls this difficult task off pretty well. This is the role that Reynolds has been waiting for. I’m a fan of his work anyway, I’ve enjoyed the likes of ‘The Voices’, ‘Buried’ and ‘Self/Less’ in recent years. I don’t get the critics poor view of him to be honest. Here he rightly steals the show though and he’s going to become Deadpool in much the same way that Robert Downey Jr IS Iron Man and Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. The rest of the cast are good too. Morena Baccarin is the best of the rest making the romance element so good and her and Reynolds have such great chemistry that their relationship is easily believable. T.J. Miller, Gina Carano & Ed Skrein all contribute well too. There are a couple of X-Men characters involved in the movie too but I was never 100% sold on their involvement. They never took away from the film but I always seemed to enjoy scenes when they weren’t there more just.

Nonetheless ‘Deadpool’ is one of the most entertaining origin stories the superhero genre has ever seen. It successfully gets the balance of humour, story and action right which was always my biggest concern for it. Deadpool seems natural on screen and I’m sure we’re going to see much more of him over the years, not literally though as there isn’t much left to see in that way! This film is so refreshing amongst the now saturated superhero genre and it also offers one of the best post-credits clips Marvel have given us in a long time.

Rating – 8/10

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