Sing Street


(spoiler free)

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day then heading to the cinema to see the new film from Irish writer and director John Carney. Carney is probably best known for his film ‘Once’ but I’m still yet to see that. However, ‘Sing Street’ aside I did see his most recent film, ‘Begin Again’ and I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it. So could Carney hit the high notes once again with ‘Sing Street’?

He certainly has as ‘Sing Street’ is a highly enjoyable mash up of music and film. Let’s talk about the music first as it could well be the films best feature. The choice of music included was great, although I’m not the most knowledgeable person regarding 80’s music the film chooses the most popular songs of the era nicely reflecting the times popular culture. It does this well enough that even children of the 90’s like myself can get a sense for the decade. What was better than the songs selected from music history¬† though were the original songs created for the film. Nearly all of these tunes will have you singing along, tapping your feet and repeating back the catchy hooks in your head well after the credits roll. The films musical element peaks with a sequence in the middle of the film which could quickly become an all time favourite movie scene of mine. Due to this peak I did feel that the placement of the songs could have been slightly better however I understand that they wouldn’t have fitted the narrative as nicely as they did. The film has much more than just its music going for it though.

The entire cast perform very well and as a result especially the band members become very likeable which only makes the film that bit more enjoyable. The cast is strong in other areas too though with the likes Lucy Boynton, an unknown actress to me, Aidan Gillen & Maria Doyle Kennedy impressing. One of the larger supporting roles is filled by Jack Reynor, he produces a similar standard of work but it was just a shame that I was never convinced by his styling for the movie, only a small criticism though. The only other negative I can think of is that the film, at a couple of moments, becomes quite predictable and you just want it to get to where you know it’s going. Apart from that I have no complaints and what makes said flaw more endurable is the fantastic dialogue that is exchanged between the characters. There are some wonderful moments of comedy, emotion and drama included which makes ‘Sing Street’ a well-rounded and highly entertaining movie.

I don’t really see how anyone couldn’t like this movie, it’s pretty fun & feel-good and I’d imagine most viewers will buy a couple of songs featured in the movie after seeing it, I know I will be. It actually deals with quite a lot of issues too but it never chooses to get bogged down in these instead focusing on our central characters and the music and when both of those elements are so good the film is sure to be a success.

Rating – 8.5/10

Question: What’s your favourite film set in Ireland?

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      1. Yeah I Am Too! I’ll Be Watching It And Get My Review Up Soon. Haha, That’ll Be Me Afterwards

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