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Wonder Woman, Superman’s Dad and Commissioner Gordon all in one film – could it be the Justice League movie!? Oh wait it’s just the actors who portray those characters in a pretty average looking action movie. The cast were certainly the only aspect of the film enticing me in any way, the poster doesn’t do anything for me and whole project just seemed mediocre. If nothing else maybe ‘Criminal’ could be a bit of fun?

Kevin Costner takes up the lead role here as Jericho Stewart, a highly dangerous criminal devoid of emotions. The last time I saw Costner in a lead role was in the atrocious ‘3 Days To Kill’ so all I was hoping for was that it could be better than that, ‘Criminal’ was pretty touch and go in parts though. Costner in my opinion was miscast. I didn’t buy him as the crazy criminal he was portraying and the more emotional moments weren’t carried off to well by him either, some fault has to be put on the narrative for that too though. Gal Gadot, everyone’s favourite super-heroine stood out most to me amongst the whole cast. She was the only character I cared for and I thought she did well with the material she had to work with. The rest of the cast don’t get a whole lot to do so for the most part are fine. As you would expect Gary Oldman was trying but he shouldn’t be in films like these, although I do always enjoy hearing him say lines like ‘There are so many lives at stake here!’ in his typical desperate fashion. I don’t know the name of the actor who played the villain but his character was rubbish, villains can be one of the elements that bring the most fun to trashy action movies but this one brought nothing.

Narratively the film has quite a few similarites to last years ‘Self/Less’ however it’s nowhere near as fun as that action movie. Instead ‘Criminal’ is largely quite a dull and boring affair with many moments of the film really dragging. Just as the film should speed up it decides to slow everything way down for the inclusion of an emotional element. This element to the narrative could have worked well but it needed more development throughout the movie and  a different lead actor to navigate through it. Forget emotion though, ‘Criminal’ is an action movie so that element must be good, right? Well the action isn’t’ anything too thrilling really, there are a couple of fun moments littered throughout these sequences but nothing overly memorable. Unfortunately, there were a couple of laugh out loud moments which weren’t intentional included too.

‘Criminal’ really isn’t worth anyone’s time. The right members of the cast aren’t ever given the right material and the narrative is full of issues. As a result this made the film fairly dull and the action did little to help combat this bar a few fun moments. With some work a more competent narrative could have been crafted but that would only have been the start of a long list of issues that would need fixing here.

Rating – 4/10

Question: What’s your favourite Kevin Costner film?
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