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As news, posters and trailers surfaced for ‘Warcraft’ there was a wave of hope through the film community that this could be the first good video game to film adaptation. However, I didn’t share this hope. This mainly comes down to my complete lack of knowledge for the source material and the fact that I’m really not too much of a fan of the fantasy genre. Although with me already enjoying fantasy adventure ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ this weekend who knew what could happen!

‘Warcraft’ has a lot going on and every aspect to the film had a very wide range in terms of its quality. It felt like everytime that the film did something good the next scene would undo all this with something that wasn’t so well done. The element that this was probably most true for was the narrative. Newcomers to this world may struggle to keep up at first and I personally felt a little frustrated by the lack of information at the start of the film. This aside though the narrative still has quite a lot to it and whilst some of it did rather impress me there were parts to it which I just thought were plain ridiculous. The action scenes that are placed throughout the narrative are generally quite enjoyable and have a good level of ferocity to them. However when there isn’t a giant orc army bludgeoning through a legion of knights things can be quite dull. There are several scenes that feature extended amounts of dialogue and these lost my attention on most occasions.Thankfully the action was able to draw me back in but I could understand if people found the film pretty boring.

What really helped to draw me back in though was definitely the score composed by Ramin Djawadi. Djawadi has worked on some big movies before now such as ‘Iron Man’ & ‘Pacific Rim’ and his experience in scoring big action is very much put to good use here. The music always had a sense of excitement and power to it and really elevated the action into something greater. The CGI was mostly well done and also helped with the action sequences but like most other elements to the film there were aspects to this which could have been improved. The characters featured here were largely uninspiring and the cast did little to help improve them. By far the most interesting character is Durotan, he’s the big Orc from the poster and is played by Toby Kebbell of ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ fame. He doesn’t get nearly enough screen time here which is a shame because his story could have made for the basis of a better narrative. Instead the film focuses on several other human characters who fail to hold the film together. As I say the cast do little to help the poor characters they portray, the likes of Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper and Paula Patton really left me wanting more. Thankfully a few of the lesser know cast such as Ben Schnetzer and Travis Fimmel do show promise at times. I’m not sure though that even the greatest actors in Hollywood could have salvaged ‘Warcraft’.

‘Warcraft’ will and already is getting torn to shreds by film fans. I don’t think it’s an awful film but more of a missed opportunity. I think there is as much good as there is bad here, elements like the score, some of the cast and a selection of action sequences can be enjoyed. However the overall quality of the film is firmly halted by an uneven narrative, weak performances and a focus on the less interesting, poorly written characters. Alternatively know as ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ I think this may well be the ending for any potential film series that was planned.

Rating – 5/10

Question: What is the problem with video game to film adaptations?
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4 thoughts on “Warcraft

  1. Dammit. I was truly holding out hope. The Warcraft source material is fascinating and brilliant, and if they were able to realise the stories properly, I think this had the potential to be amazing. Releases in two weeks here, and my husband really wants to go. He never wants to go to the movies. I hope that he enjoys this.

    • There is definitely enjoyment to be had here Zoe and I imagine fans of the source material will have a different experience! Let me know what you guys think when you see it.

    • Certainly one with a bit of umf behind it anyway. Maybe I was appreciating it due to the lacking of quality in the other elements but I still thought it was more noticeably exciting than many recent scores!

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