The Boss


(spoiler free)

Melissa McCarty seems to be comedy marmite, you either love her or you hate her. Just like all genres comedy is very subjective but probably the most subjective of them all – McCarthy’s involvement may put some viewers off straight away. Personally I think she is rather hit or miss. She has made some stinkers in her time such as ‘Tammy’ & ‘The Heat’ but she’s also made me laugh quite a lot in the likes of ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Spy’. So which category would ‘The Boss’ fall under?

When McCarthy is given the right material I think that she is a very talented comedic actress and in ‘The Boss’ we do get to see glimpses of this. Thankfully there are laughs to be had here and these come in a mixture of forms, some slapstick and some through dialogue. However, the problem is that the laughs are far too spread throughout the film meaning that there just isn’t enough comedy here. The film also features a predictable and poorly crafted section of drama. Audiences don’t come to the cinema for touching or heart-warming moments of character development (not that ‘The Boss’ has these), they come to laugh and here the inclusion of this element felt shoehorned in at the expense of some much needed comedy, leaving viewers short changed. The finale takes another bizarre tone change making the narrative of the whole film feel a little too ridiculous, although it has to be said that there were moments within this that were somewhat entertaining.

The cast are largely fine, there aren’t any outstanding performances. McCarthy is good when the material is good, she can deliver dialogue in a funny way which is important but the film is never as funny as she can be. Peter Dinklage also stars in the film and after this and his stint in last years ‘Pixels’ I think that he should stay well away from the comedy genre. To be fair he has been dealt awful characters so far but he’s yet to impress me in this genre and I find him quite awkward to watch. There are a number of other cast members you may recognise but none do anything much that warrants discussion. The time does go in quite quickly as the film unfolds and I was never bored, I just felt like there was more fun to be had here.

‘The Boss’ ends up being a fairly watchable but forgettable comedy flick, it will serve it’s purpose for a night at the cinema but won’t inspire revisits. It’s middle of the road McCarthy, not straying into the woeful territory that she has dabbled in before but also never reaching to the comedic heights she sometimes achieves. Hopefully she can deliver more with the upcoming, and strangely controversial, reboot/remake of ‘Ghostbusters’ later in the year.

Rating – 6/10

Question: What is your favourite Melissa McCarthy comedy?
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