Maggie’s Plan


(spoiler free)

After seeing a really cheap looking poster for ‘Maggie’s Plan’ on my local cinema website I dismissed it and decided against seeing it. With this in mind when the trailer came on for it before ‘The Neon Demon’ I decided to watch it (going against my usual standpoint on trailers) but it did it’s job as the very next night I was back at the cinema to see it.

‘Maggie’s Plan’ is a romantic comedy drama starring Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke & Julianne Moore. This is the first film that I have seen starring Gerwig. I suppose this helped with the authenticity of her character for me as I saw her completely as her character rather than an actress in a role. She was easily convincing as the quirky independent woman. Alongside her was Hawke who plays her love interest. Whilst this isn’t the first time I’ve seen Hawke in a film he does well too meaning that I had no problem believing him in his role. In contrast to some of his other films, ‘Maggie’s Plan’ is maybe a little more simple or straightforward but I was still impressed with his performance. For me it was Moore’s performance that stole the show though. She delivers a lot of the comedy that is on offer here and her comedic timing is brilliant. Her character is the most fun of them all and she brings her to life in a very amusing way. The supporting cast are great too, Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph play a married couple and like Moore’s character contribute many laughs. It was nice to see such a well rounded cast.

Apart from the characters mentioned above the comedy is sparse. It’s by no means a laugh a minute comedy but there is humour there, however, the film definitely could have benefited from some more of this . The drama side of things is interesting up to a point until the main narrative seems to have reached a natural stopping point but the film continues on to long after this meaning that the drama loses much of its intrigue quite rapidly. The start of the film combated this with a lighthearted soundtrack and fun camera work. I suppose it fitted with the narrative to abandon this slightly as the film progressed but something needed to be added into the final third of the film to keep the viewers attention.

Narratively ‘Maggie’s Plan’ is quite a unique film for it’s genre. It’s a shame that the story does run out of steam some time before the credits role. Nonetheless the film starts well and will make you laugh. The strong leading and supporting cast really help to make the film likeable and watchable. It was the screen time featuring Julianne Moore’s character which I enjoyed the most though thanks to her wacky character, which alone makes ‘Maggie’s Plan’ worth a watch. Maybe just wait for the home release though.

Rating – 6.5/10

Question: What is your favourite Julianne Moore role?
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4 thoughts on “Maggie’s Plan

  1. Great review! I’ve only seen Gerwig in Frances Ha, and that’s a brilliant movie, definitely worth a watch. I might still give Maggie’s Plan a watch, but like you’ve suggested, I’ll wait for the DVD release 🙂
    – Allie

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