Star Trek Beyond


(spoiler free)

In a culture dominated by ‘Star Wars’ and when the next prequel, sequel, spin-off is hitting our screens ‘Star Trek’ often seems to be neglected in the sci-fi arena. I’m no Trekkie as I’ve only watched the two previous film installments directed by J.J. Abrams but I am a big fan of both these films. They offer solid stories, an entertaining cast and fun sci-fi action. So with Abrams handing directorial duties over to Justin Lin, of the Fast & Furious franchise, could ‘Star Trek Beyond’ make for another rip-roaring adventure on the Enterprise?

Well if the cast had their way it certainly should be as just like in the previous two films they are wonderful. I really like the collection of actors and actresses who play the crew here and furthermore each of their characters really does add something to the film. Chris Pine is back in the captains chair once more as James Tiberius Kirk and with this being his third time in the role he really does look at home here. Zachery Quinto reprises his role as Commander Spock too, easily Quinto’s best film role to date. The rest of the main cast which includes Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho & Anton Yelchin all own their roles and perform so believably creating a brilliant chemistry between the characters. Newcomers Idris Elba & Sofia Boutella are fine additions too. Elba flexes his villainous acting muscles once more with good results but if only the film had given his character a little bit more attention he could have become something really memorable as Krall. On the other hand Boutella’s character does get a good deal of screen time and she makes the most of it leaving her mark on an already very well established cast.

If I was to give any criticism to the film it would have to be for the action in the first half of the film. I’m a little surprised considering Lin’s credentials in directing action but much of the first major set-piece was very choppy. There was a lot of shaky cam, fast editing and the colour-grading didn’t help either. This was a massive shame too as this sequence had so much spectacle to it I wish it had been given more care. This issue doesn’t last for the whole film though which is a relief. Further combating any issues experienced here was the pure enjoyment created by the story, written here by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. I really liked many aspects to this narrative and it felt very original. Pegg obviously had some valuable input in terms of the comedy too as this installment into the Star Trek universe was brilliantly funny. This was especially evident in the dynamic between Spock and Bones this time round, it was great to watch. I think what I liked about the film the most though was its confidence. It never felt like it was trying to out do its predecessors but instead just continue with the strength and quality that they had produced. Thanks to this grounded approach ‘Star Trek Beyond’ manages to do just that.

Fans of the two films released previously in the reboot franchise will definitely enjoy this voyage into the final frontier. The cast are as strong as ever, the writing is of a good quality and the way in which the film exudes confidence is really great to see. This could have been the highlight of blockbuster season if it wasn’t for the poor production of the action in parts. Nonetheless ‘Star Trek Beyond’ cements this rebooted Star Trek franchise as one of my favourite collections of modern sci-fi at warp speed.

Rating – 8/10

Question: Who is your favourite crew member of the Enterprise and why?
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3 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond

  1. Although not quite as good as the Abrams films there was still a heck of a lot to enjoy in Beyond and as a life long Trek fan I loved all of the nods and winks to past episodes and films. My fave character is Kirk as he’s a strong and heroic leader who values the positive aspects of humanity, which aligns with Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

    • Aw I’m glad to hear that a life long fan like yourself approves. I too think it fell slightly short of the previous two films but not by a lot. I have to agree with you regarding my favourite character too, Captain Kirk is great – love how he leads his crew but wholly relies on them too.

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