Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

mike and daveee

(spoiler free)

Earlier in the year Zac Efron teamed up with Hollywood legend Robert De Niro to bring us the painfully unfunny comedy ‘Dirty Grandpa’. It seems that this High School Musical graduate isn’t finished with comedy for this year though as in ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ he has traded in his older and more famous co-star for a younger and more up and coming actor in the shape of Adam DeVine to try and deliver the laughs.

The two lead actors play brothers who are notorious for ruining their family gatherings. So when their little sister’s wedding is just around the corner their parents step in and demand they find some ‘nice girls’ to bring to the wedding as dates to keep them under control. I have to admit that both Efron and DeVine have good charisma and they are likeable enough leads. Their chemistry is believable and their antics weren’t unfunny. It’s nice to see DeVine in a more central role as he has previously been the supporting character who offers the comic relief in films such as ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘The Intern’. Both him and Efron have talent as comedic actors but the material here is never that great. Alongside the leading men come our two leading ladies, Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick. Neither of these actresses give great performances, Plaza somehow gets away with it though. On the other hand Kendrick is the worst I have ever seen her failing miserably to pull off her dumb and often drunken character. The main problem though is the inconsistencies with the characters, this obviously makes them harder to act but on the whole character development and performances were all over the show for these two.

The film is by no means hilarious but I would be lying if I said that nothing made my laugh. There is a mix of comedy here, it often falls to DeVine’s facial expressions or high pitched squeals to get the laughs though. There are some more vulgar moments of humour too if that is the kind of comedy you’re into but what I found the most effective was the use of film references. More often than not the film’s gags include a funny film reference which I really did appreciate, if it wasn’t for these I’m not quite sure how I would have maintained my attention. The inevitable drama that is shoehorned in for several scenes is boring as ever and as a viewer you won’t care at all. Coupled with this the film does go on a tad too long and struggles to wrap up feeling a little dragged out. However, when the film does end you’ll be treated to the funniest part of the ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’, the bloopers. Like most average or poor comedies the bloopers are by far the funniest part of the film so take what you want from that about the film’s quality as a comedy.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ falls somewhere inbetween Efron’s other comedic efforts for the year, not being anyway near as bad as ‘Dirty Grandpa’ but it doesn’t have enough laughs to match ‘Bad Neighbours 2’. The chemistry between the lead actors makes the whole thing very watchable but the performances of others and shoehorned in drama make it a slight struggle at times. This is a harmless but forgettable comedy, it’s kind of like that drunk uncle at a wedding, it’ll make you chuckle a few times but won’t entertain you for the whole night.

Rating – 5/10

Question: What has your favourite comedy of the year been?
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5 thoughts on “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

  1. We’ve just seen this and I felt like the 4 leads were fine but the script was pretty awful. Some of the punch lines in the film weren’t even jokes and yet it felt like you were expected to laugh at them. A lot of it was just “how crude can we make this”. There’s a lot of cheap laughs like you said with DeVine just making stupid noises or faces, which is a shame because he’s better than that. I expected more from Plaza too, love her in Parks and Recs. Was expecting something along the lines of Jump Street but was pretty disappointed with this one. Glad I wasn’t the only one who found the bloopers the best bit! Proved that Plaza was limited by the script a bit.

    • Yeah I was quite surprised by Plaza as I’ve heard a lot of good about her. The crudeness is something I think most comedies include these days simply for shock laughs, usually does the trick at the time for most of the audience but I prefer witty one liners or well done slapstick. All in all it’s what I was expecting it to be if not a tiny bit better but this time next year it will be completely absent from our memories…unless it gets a sequel haha. Cheers for the comment Rob.

      • For some reason, I think I read a few quite positive reviews, I went in with much higher expectations than I should have!

        I think a sequel is obligatory to every film now right?

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