Bad Moms


(spoiler free)

Things have been quite quiet for Mila Kunis since last years ‘Jupiter Ascending’ which could pass for more of a comedy than a sci-fi at times. With that now in the past though Kunis is back and fronting the all female lead cast in new comedy ‘Bad Moms’. From the writers of ‘The Hangover’, this will encourage some to buy a ticket for sure but will also be a welcome warning to others making them stay  as far away from it as possible!

The film’s main storyline revolves around three moms (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell & Kathryn Hahn) becoming acquainted and deciding that they have had it with motherhood, or at least what society says motherhood should be. They decide to fully embrace their identities as bad moms. This is more of a jump for some than others but when the film focuses on these three characters being bad moms the comedy flows very well. Many of the funny moments come in the form of montages accompanied by the heavy beats of a popular music track and simple as that is they had me chuckling. It’s a shame that the film has a heap of other storylines that really weigh ‘Bad Moms’ down and stop it from being the all out hilarious comedy that it could be. The dramatic side of things was way too ’emotional’ for a comedy, although saying that it will appeal to some viewers. This will especially be the case with the scenes during the credits when the stars of the film discuss motherhood with their real life mothers. This did actually give some credibility to the drama and message of the film. However, during the main body of the movie I couldn’t really get on board with this. The singular storyline of Amy (Kunis) running for the PTA President should have been the complete focus of the film.

The cast do a good job at making the film funny. The trio of bad moms are a good balance of characters and work well together with Bell and Hahn bringing in most of the laughs due to their polar opposite personalities. It’s the trio of rival moms which I found the funniest though. Christina Applegate was perfect as the stuck up PTA President Gwendolyn, I would have liked to have seen more of a rivalry between her and Amy and this is why I think the PTA election should have been a greater focus. Alongside Applegate was Annie Mumolo as Vicky who was the token dumb character, she probably provided the fewest laughs but she did manage a couple. Finally there was Jada Pinkett Smith who absolutely nailed her sassy bitch faces throughout, see must be well practiced from her strop last year when Will wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. It’s quite disappointing that a cast that works so well together and does come off with some good comedy couldn’t have been given a more structured film, however they still do well and play a large role in making the film as funny as it is. 

‘Bad Moms’ is better than the large majority of comedies we’ve already seen in 2016, but that isn’t really asking much is it? The cast are really good here and do bring the comedy but it’s the lack of focus in the writing that lets the film down. The inclusion of too many storylines that viewers just don’t care about in a comedy like this is the films biggest weakness and definitely stunts ‘Bad Moms’ from it’s full comedic potential. Nonetheless I’d still reccomend the film as some harmless, but forgettable, fun.

Rating – 6/10

Question: What has your favourite comedy of 2016 been?
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4 thoughts on “Bad Moms

  1. Not too bad then? I thought the trailers made it look horrendous so decided to steer clear!
    Agree with you…think we’ve reached a bit of a comedic stalemate at the moment. We’re getting a lot of generic stuff. Everyone seems to be trying the hangover thing which is getting pretty old now. Although Sausage Party is out this weekend and I’ve heard good things about that and I’m looking forward to Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Nice review!

    1. Yeah I didn’t think so, although if you didn’t like the trailers I’m not sure how much you would enjoy the full film. Yeah the only comedy that I’ve thought was actually good this year has been Bad Neighbours 2. Although we are getting a lot of good comedy in other genres. The likes of Deadpool, Bone Tomahawk, The Nice Guys & Sing Street have all featured great comedy. Like you I’m anticipating those new releases, I’ve heard that SP is more of an experience than anything else haha! Thanks Rob.

      1. Forgot about Nice Guys, great film! Bone Tomahawk been on my ‘to see’ this for ages, need to get on it.

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