Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


(spoiler free)

The Lonely Island are an odd bunch of lads, in their efforts to make us laugh over the years they have tried sketches, music and even films. These have spawned varying results. Personally I’m a big fan of their first film ‘Hot Rod’ and I’ve enjoyed several of their singles over the years. Those not familiar with their work will probably know them best from featuring on the song ‘Everything is Awesome’ from ‘The Lego Movie’‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ is only the lads second attempt at a film in all areas of creativity but a pop mockumentary seemed like just their kind of style.

Andy Samberg stars as Conner4Real who is going solo after the break up of his band Style Boyz. The film is a mockumentary so follows Conner4Real throughout his career focusing on the tour for promoting his second album CONNquest. The set up for the film is all good, I enjoyed the creativity of the album names etc but this is where my praise for the film ends. As the film opened I quickly came to the conclusion that ‘Popstar’ was going to be amusing rather than laugh out loud hilirious. However as the scenes continued to leave me unimpressed I realised that any hope of the film even being amusing was non-existent. The biggest problem with the film is that it’s just not funny. It’s not even one of those films with some gags littered throughout the film, none of it’s funny bar a couple of lines of dialogue. As I watched the film being painfully devoid of all comedy I wondered why it wasn’t working. Firstly a poor script has to be to blame here but it also occurred to me that we don’t really need a piss take of the pop music industry. Social media, headlines and trashy magazines tear it to shreds everyday so maybe we’re just used to it? Anyway if there was to be a successful and funny mockumentary about the industry this most certainly wasn’t going to be it.

One thing The Lonely Island are notoriously good at is writing funny but catchy songs. Their talent in this area seems to have completely disappeared though as the songs featured here were all terrible. None of them were to the standard that we’ve come to expect from this group and many went too far in terms of content. One of which, focused on Bin Laden, resulted in a walk out from a few viewers in the screening I was in.  The film somehow managed to attract a massive amount of cameos though which was about the only thing that kept me entertained. However, with dreadful comedy and disappointing musical numbers there was little to stimulate me during the film and as a result I experienced boredom in ridiculous volumes. Due to the mockumentary nature of the film too it was so predictable which meant that the narrative couldn’t even manage to keep my intrigue in the slightest. The not even 90 minute running time felt like a 3 hour endurance test. The performances of the three main cast members weren’t bad but everything else that they crafted around themselves was so astonishingly poor that not even the combined acting talent of all previous and future Oscar winners could save the film. 

‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ should have stopped right at the very first table read. There is a basic structure here that could have worked, especially with the amount and quality of cameos that the film managed to secure. However the script, music and narrative of the film are all as equally dull, unfunny and stupid meaning that this is easily the worst comedy of the year and that’s in a year where we’ve had ‘Zoolander 2’.

Rating – 2/10

Question: What do you think has been the worst comedy of 2016?
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