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In a day and age where the hype machine and non-stop promotion are commonplace in cinema culture it’s always refreshing to have a film almost appear out of nowhere and take up residency on our screens. ‘Morgan’ is certainly one of these films, I knew absolutely nothing about it until I did a quick Google search the night before the screening I attended. I refrained from researching the film too heavily but I learnt that it was categorised as a Horror/Mystery/Thriller and was produced by Ridley Scott. This was enough information for me to feel prepared and I’d encourage you to be satisfied with that as well.

Right from the start ‘Morgan’ had my attention, the set up in a single location with several different characters was immediately intriguing. I began asking myself many questions about the characters; what was the hierarchy? Who got on with who? etc. The dynamics between these individuals were interesting to watch and the inclusion of Kate Mara’s character Lee Weathers was the perfect way to facilitate this. As she tries to suss out her new surroundings and its inhabitants so do the audience. What helped this aspect of the film was the cast which was surprisingly made up of some quite big names. The likes of Toby Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Cox and Paul Giamatti are the more well known stars attached to the film and I thought they all played their characters very well. The lesser known cast also do well too and help contribute to the air of mystery that the characters and situation allude to. The main leads in the film are Kate Mara and Anya Taylor-Joy. Taylor-Joy who you might know for her role in ‘The VVitch’ earlier this year plays the title role, Morgan, and is the subject of the film. She is good in the role but her character is more of a plot device really, compared to the other characters I never found her that interesting but she was essential for the narrative and does well with this. Kate Mara is an actress I’ve never been overly fond of before but here she was so kick-ass that I might have just changed my opinion on her, this is the best I’ve seen her.

Cast and characters aside I thought that the film really looked great and especially so in some scenes taking place in nearby forests. I enjoyed the narrative even though it was quite straight forward, as I’ve mentioned already it was the dynamics of the group reacting to the narrative which I found most interesting. The film was paced very well, at only just over ninety minutes this should be expected but so many films with similar lengths have problems. There is a great mix of investigative and tension filled dialogue and fun action sequences which means ‘Morgan’ never even thinks of starting to bore its audience. If I was to compare this film to another I’d maybe suggest that it’s a little like a more action packed ‘Ex Machina’. Undoubtedly many elements are nowhere near as strong as that film but the themes are similar so if you liked it, or maybe were disappointed with it’s lack of action ‘Morgan’ could be for you.

Probably the biggest surprise of the year so far, ‘Morgan’ has come out of nowhere but really entertained me. The collection of cast both well known and not perform brilliantly making for a really interesting group of characters who are part of a narrative filled with mystery, intrigue and fun. Kate Mara and Paul Giamatti stand out amongst a very talented cast thanks to some memorable scenes which will surely entertain. At only ninety minutes this film requires minimal effort from its viewers but promises maximum reward. You might not have heard of ‘Morgan’ at the start of the year but I hope you and many more will have by the end. 

Rating – 9/10 

Question: Who is your favourite cast member form ‘Morgan’?
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