The Infiltrator


(spoiler free)

It seems that the latest Netflix craze is drug cartel drama ‘Narcos’, following the rise and fall of drug lord Pablo Escobar. So it’s either perfect timing from the movie studio or a happy coincidence that ‘The Infiltrator’ is released on the back of all this buzz as it focuses on the very same topic. Featuring star of ‘Breaking Bad’, Bryan Cranston, could this film have similar success?

The film is based on a book written by a U.S. customs agent named Robert Mazur, in which he tells the story of his undercover mission to expose the money laundering organisations that Escobar was using. Mazur is the main character of the film and it’s Crantson who takes on this role. Fresh from his Oscar nomination last year Cranston once again shows his acting ability here. Alongside him the rest of the cast is made up of several well known names but most notably John Leguizamo & Diane Kruger. Like Cranston these two performers take to their roles well and the three of them have a believable and at times quite enjoyable chemistry. Cast aside I would have to say that the film is at its strongest when the characters are undercover. These moments sometimes have a degree of tension to them which I found more engaging than the rest of the film.

Apart from these sporadic moments of tension I didn’t find that much to enjoy in the film. I felt every minute of the two hour plus running time and wasn’t quite sure what warranted this. The narrative was quite simple overall, Crantson goes undercover to get the bad guys. However, the more intricate details were at times hard to grasp. It wasn’t always made that clear who certain supporting characters were or what their involvement was. As the film pans out you get the gist but the lack of clarity at times didn’t help my already wavering attention. In all honesty there isn’t a lot wrong with the movie I just didn’t find it interesting or entertaining enough to recommend it.

If this kind of drama intrigues you then you might find some enjoyment here. The film is certainly well acted and it has its moments. However I can’t see more casual viewers getting much out of ‘The Infiltrator’. With an elongated running time and not enough quality to fill it this could be the most forgettable film of the year.

Rating – 5/10

Question: What is your favourite undercover cop movie?
(Leave your answers in the comments section below!)

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3 thoughts on “The Infiltrator

  1. This is actually the movie I was waiting to see for months and months. I am sorry to hear it is not what I may expect. Still, I think I will have a go with it just for Bryan Cranston. My favourite undercover cop movie is, of course, the Departed, but at one point I was in love with Donnie Brasco with Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. I read a book about it, and the story was just too interesting.

    • You might still enjoy it, Bryan Crantson is easily the best thing about it. Aw yes great choice, I love The Departed. It’s one of my all time favourites let alone just favourite undercover cop movie!

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