Top 10 Worst Films of 2016


2016 will be remembered for a lot of awful things, thankfully the cinematic year was actually pretty great though. However, no twelve months in the film world would be complete without some utterly terrible movies. In this list I’m going to highlight for you my picks for the ten worst films of the year. These choices are based on UK release dates and may feature because they were disappointing or simply because they were just bad movies. I managed to avoid some of the films I thought would be terrible anyway;  ‘The Brothers Grimsby’, ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ & ‘Nine Lives’, please correct me if I’m wrong, so these titles won’t feature. So brace yourself for the very worst of what 2016 had to offer, here we go!

Firstly a few dishonourable mentions; ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Criminal’, ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ & ‘Nerve’.

#10. Jason Bourne


The fifth installment in the Bourne series saw actor Matt Damon & director Paul Greengrass reunite to try an capture some of the quality present in the original trilogy. Unfortunately what we ended up with could well be the worst of the series, and yes that includes ‘Legacy’. There is only so many times Bourne looking into his past can be stimulating, especially when old storylines are the focus once again. This coupled along with some of the worst action I’ve seen in a long time thanks to shaky cam & fast cuts, plus many wasted cast members resulted in me hoping that Jason Bourne will stay undercover indefinitely.

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#9. Doctor Strange


2016 may just have given us the highest and lowest points of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to date. Unfortunately it’s newcomer ‘Doctor Strange’ which I found to be that low point. With such an unlikable main character and an unoriginal narrative so dull this superhero origin story is easily the most boring comic book movie of the year. Whilst the visuals and action redeem the film slightly the awkward humour and score which shamefully mimics that of the rebooted ‘Star Trek’ series doom it to be the first real Marvel mis-fire so far. 

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#8. Dirty Grandpa


Undoubtedly the lowest point in Robert DeNiro’s career to date, ‘Dirty Grandpa’ could quite easily top this list. The outrageous humour included that stops the audience from becoming bored is the only thing that saves it. However, don’t get me wrong this humour isn’t funny – mainly made up of crude jokes things get distasteful very quickly. The accompanying drama is even worse though, this element is most definitely boring and painfully predictable. I think I’d actually rather see DeNiro retire than star in trash like this.

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#7. Ratchet & Clank


Having played ‘Ratchet & Clank’ as a youngster I was quite looking forward to seeing the film adaptation, being a film fan I should have known that video game to film isn’t a transition riddled with success. ‘Ratchet & Clank’ certainly didn’t buck this trend. Whilst a talented cast were recruited, the characters they voiced were terrible and failed to muster up the nostalgia that I was expecting to experience. As well as this the action didn’t have any of the fun that the game had. The films final life was used up by it’s ‘U’ rating which definitely held the film back in terms of its humour. A wasted opportunity to say the least, ‘Ratchet & Clank’ is much better when you are in control.

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#6. Central Intelligence


Whilst sporting one of the best movie taglines of the year, ‘Central Intelligence’ did little else to impress me. Although Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have fantastic chemistry in real life this did not transpire into the film. The buddy cop model just didn’t come together with this effort due to the comedy and action elements severely lacking. It’s the material that the actors had to work with here that is to blame which resulted in ‘Central Intelligence’ being so far from both lead actors best work.

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#5. Keeping Up With The Joneses


We’re really into the heavyweights for the worst comedy of the year now, ‘Keeping Up With The Joneses’ could easily take the title but somehow there were two titles worse than this in 2016. Anyway, the biggest issue with this comedy was the distinct lack of laughs. The film squanders it’s talented cast and amusing premise by being painfully predictable and almost completely humourless. Where spy parodies should be non-stop fun this effort was one of the dullest films to come out this year. Not even Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot could save it.

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#4. Zoolander 2


Are comedy sequels ever a good idea? If ‘Zoolander 2’ is anything to go by the answer to that question would be a resounding no. Returning to a now fifteen year old character, Ben Stiller may well have hit his career low here. The film is just so stupid from start to finish, character to plot, cameos and gags. The budget was clearly blown on said cameos and for Benedict Cumberbatch & Kiefer Sutherland I doubt their paychecks are worth the embarrassment that they experienced from being a part of this comedy disaster. 

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#3. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


It’s ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ which takes the title for my worst comedy of the year. A somewhat controversial choice it would seem as this movie was largely received well by audiences, a response that baffled me. I’m usually a big fan of The Lonely Island and their work but this pop mockumentary just didn’t connect with me at all. Nearly none of the comedy landed and the usual talent these lads have for crafting musical comedy was non-existent. The premise and set up for this movie would have lead me to believe these guys would smash this but unfortunately the execution of all the creativity here meant that it was one of the most boring films of the year.

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#2. The Assassin


Talking about boring films, ‘The Assassin’ leads the pack in this department. The first foreign film I saw this year and it wasn’t a good start. Whilst the film offers good sound work and pretty visuals of 8th century China this is all audiences have to keep them entertained and it’s simply not enough. The film employs minimal dialogue and very restrained fight sequences which didn’t help to keep me stimulated whilst watching. This is an artsy film which won’t be enjoyed by the mass cinema going public and it committed the biggest movie sin in my book – it bored me. I want to be entertained on my trips to the cinema and ‘The Assassin’ was the least entertaining time I had at one all year.

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#1. Point Break


‘Point Break’ (2016) is somehow so much worse than we all expected, and we knew to expect something awful. Average performances across the board, a terrible story, a horrendous script, lazy 3D & CGI, boring action, zero chemistry between characters and the lack of necessity for this remake at all mean that this movie is without a doubt the worst film of the year. If you want a ‘Point Break’ remake go and watch ‘The Fast and The Furious’, which is basically ‘Point Break’ in cars. In all other cases just stick with the fantastic original, you can’t beat nineties Keanu Reeves. Thankfully I don’t think many people actually saw this movie, let’s keep it that way and leave all other eighties and nineties action classics alone!

Thanks for reading my list and please let me know what your worst films of the year were! Leave a comment below or drop me a tweet over at @HCMovieReviews.


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Films of 2016

  1. It seems as though I picked well! Dirty Grandpa is on my worst 2016 list as well, and other than Doctor Strange I didn’t see any of the other films.

    • Haha, you certainly dodged some bullets here! Had a read of your list, some of them will be featuring on my best of list! I can understand why you might not have liked some though.

      • Oh that makes it even more interesting, but that is certainly something I love about watching films. How we can see them differently and for different reasons. Another great reason to have blogs to be able to see and understand different points of view!

  2. While I can agree with some of these choices, I never saw a good few of these films so I can’t say too much, however, Jason Bourne I liked, nowhere near as good as the original trilogy, but I never expected the 4th film to be on that level. Central Intellegence was fun, stupid fun and much better than a lot of Kevin Hart’s other recent comedies and Dwyane Johnson helped out with that. And my major disagreement was with Doctor Strange, it wa sa lot of fun and pretty interesting and different yet familar at the same time. I would take the films I just mentioned over Independence Day 2, TMNT: Out of the Shadows, BvS and Suicide Squad.

    • Many of the films you mentioned I was expecting to get more disagreements with as I saw that many had enjoyed them on release. It was the action that put me way off JB, I just couldn’t get into it due to the way it was shot – alas it didn’t seem like a problem for many though. Central Intelligence felt like wasted potential for me and I thought the duo’s performances came off as a little forced at times, a harmless film nonetheless. Loads of people found a lot of love for Doctor Strange, I just couldn’t buy into it though. For me the unlikeable main character alienated me as an audience member and as a result I just didn’t care. I’m glad that you found a way past that though. Those other films you have mentioned, I recognise certainly have many issues but for one reason or another I managed to find some or a lot of enjoyment in them. Thanks for commenting mate, it’s always more interesting when people disagree! haha

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