(spoiler free)

Rebecca Hall is an actress who has been consistently gaining momentum with her film roles. Up until now, these roles have largely been supporting ones. However, through ‘Christine’, Hall is allowed to take centre stage as the lead performer. The film tells the story of news reporter Christine Chubbuck  and her struggles both in her personal and working life.

Narratively speaking ‘Christine’ is quite straightforward. The film simply follows Christine through her daily routine of work and home life. However through this many themes are explored in the film. Mental health, parenting, relationships, media, careers and work ethics are only some of the areas the story touches on. Thanks to this abundance of themes the film is always incredibly interesting, even more so when two or more of the themes combine. The film  also has an element of humour to it. Generally this was accompanied by a dark undertone, you’ll know yourself if dark comedy is for you or not. I thought it worked very well here and made what could have been a largely dull story all the more entertaining. I’ll admit that there is a slight dip in pace when the film enters its mid section. Thankfully this doesn’t last too long though and the wide variety of themes present come to the rescue. Whilst I, and I’m sure many of you, know the crux to this narrative there is still a gut wrenching tension to be experienced as the film approaches its pivotal scene. The film ends well but also abruptly in the sense that audiences unfamiliar with the story won’t know the ending. A problem that could be solved with a quick internet search, however also one that could have been solved with one more scene or some final information before the credits.

Rebecca Hall is the actress charged with portraying Christine Chubbuck and she bears a good resemblance to the real life woman here. She gives a very well balanced performance. As already discussed the film features a wide range of themes and tones. It was this make up to the narrative that would prove a challenge to any performer. Hall manages to achieve humour, despair, hope, determination and much more through her performance. The rest of the cast really fade into the background. They don’t perform poorly by any stretch of the imagination but you’ll come away remembering no one but Hall. Her work here should surely secure her many more leading roles in the future.

With no cause for concern with Hall’s strong central performance actress and story merge together to make for a great film. The rich subject matter explored in ‘Christine’ makes one shocking event into an enthralling two hour movie. The film isn’t without issues; some pacing problems and a rather inconclusive ending disrupt things somewhat. However, neither are big enough problems to prevent a recommendation.

Rating – 8/10

Question: What is your favourite film Rebecca Hall has starred in?
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