Fist Fight


(spoiler free)

The first few months of this year have been distinctly lacking in live action comedies. However, the comedy has quickly become a genre that isn’t that highly anticipated anymore. With a string of average throwaway comedies over the last few years it’s a rare thing to see comedic efforts that really are laugh out loud hilirious. Charlie Day & Ice Cube have proven their funny bones in the past, so if you were to put your money on anyone to bring the laughs they wouldn’t be a bad choice.

‘Fist Fight’ sees both actors starring as teachers in an American high school. It’s the last day before summer and after an altercation between the pair Ice Cube’s character challenges Day’s character to a fight after school. Day always makes this film enjoyable. He’s a very watchable comedic performer. So even when the writing isn’t that funny Day’s ability to be amusing helps to keep the film entertaining. Ice Cube delivers too, he plays his tough guy role like he has done in pretty much all of his previous films. This is why you cast Ice Cube and he once more nails this type of character. Although, saying that it does take a slight stretch of the imagination to believe that this kind of character would be a teacher. It’s only a small issue, but one that did cross my mind a few times.

The film has a supporting cast full of other comedy stars. This includes Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell and Dean Norris. These guys are funny in their own right and it’s clear that they are trying here. It’s a shame that the material they have to work with is never that funny. It doesn’t compare to the feud between the two leads here, but it’s never woeful and I suppose they serve their purpose. One other star who graces the screen is Christina Hendricks. She plays one of the strangest characters going, her involvement is funny but purely due to the bizarre nature of her character.

The bulk of the comedy here is just average. The film starts well with plenty of gags but it does dry up in the mid section when the concept gets old. Thankfully the film manages to pull things back in the last act though. The actual fist fight itself is probably the highlight of the film and amalgamates several different comedy styles to make for a solid finale. As well as this there are a couple of outbursts from different characters in this section which are strangely satisfying. Who doesn’t love a good rant!?

‘Fist Fight’ is simply another of those throwaway comedies that we have become so accustomed to in recent years. The likeable leads do a lot for the film and their chemistry is fun to watch. You’ll no doubt find something to giggle at here with a wide range of comedy included but just don’t be expecting a laugh a minute. The final act makes the film worth watching but you’ll know yourself what your tolerance is for this kind of film.   

Rating – 6/10

Question: What is your favourite Charlie Day performance?
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