Get Out


(spoiler free)

After what has seemed like an eternity ‘Get Out’ has finally been released in UK cinemas. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut has been receiving wide spread acclaim for months now so there was always the worry that the hype could have raised audience expectations too high. However with film fans quick to see the new horror upon its release the reports seemed positive and we were told to believe the hype.

The film focuses on an interracial couple, Rose & Chris. Rose takes Chris to meet her parents for the first time but all is not as it seems on their mysterious estate. Horror fans won’t be disappointed here.  The film is incredibly creepy from the very first scene. There is a wonderfully crafted tension present throughout the film creating great unease amongst the audience. The use of sound was a major part of this, with the film employing bone chilling noises at crucial moments. Another element that was paramount in creating this horror atmosphere were the performances. Across the board the performances are good. Two stand out in particular though. Both Kieth Stanfield & Betty Gabriel are incredibly impressive in their roles which were vital for much of the films success. Other than these performances lead actor Daniel Kaluuya also does well. This is a rare leading role for the young actor but he does a tremendous job and should no doubt see similar sized roles appear for him in his near future.

So we’ve established that this film will definitely get under your skin and whilst music and performances are very much a part of that the story itself has to be inherently scary. Jordan Peele wouldn’t be the first name to spring to mind for writing a sinister screenplay. He’s much more known for his work in comedy, however what he has achieved here will mean he’ll never be typecast ever again. Peele has written a fascinating yet gripping screenplay. He so delicately litters the script with subtle hints as to what is really going on here but also includes great sequences of suspense and action. I’m genuinely surprised that the film is receiving such widespread praise as I would have thought some elements of his narrative would have been too much for some. I didn’t have an issue with any of it but thought some aspects of the finale would have discredited the film for others. For me this just showed the strength of the writing though. For a writer to get his audience to stick with him through, at times, such a bonkers narrative is rather impressive. The only element of the writing I didn’t think was an outright success was the comedy. It’s never painfully bad but I just didn’t think it really landed. For me anyway it didn’t need to be there and I think there would have been a stronger film without it. Only a minuscule detail though and it’s an element many cinema goers will enjoy.

For all of it’s fantastic writing, terrifying performances and sweat inducing tension ‘Get Out’ is also so much fun to watch. It’s a whole load of horror genres mixed into one and you’ll not once feel like it’s going on too long. The rich themes present are certainly why it’s receiving the attention it is, and rightfully so. Whether you want to dissect the film scene by scene to extract its social commentary or simply enjoy it as a blockbuster horror you’ll be satisfied either way. ‘Get Out’ caters to all audiences and is one heck of a debut from Jordan Peele. 

Rating – 9/10

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