The Boss Baby


(spoiler free)

Alec Baldwin means business in DreamWork’s latest animated feature, ‘The Boss Baby’. The film focuses on the struggle for attention between seven year old Tim Templeton and his new brother the Boss Baby. There’s something far greater at stake though, with a sinister rivalry between babies and the only thing possibly cuter than these adorable newborns, puppies!  

The film has a fun concept and it is rather creative in places. There are plenty of sequences which blur the lines between reality and imagination. These work really well as older audience members can decide for themselves what is really going on. However the narrative is such a good time that it is better embraced in its fullness. The film isn’t hilarious but there are enough laughs for it to be amusing. The only lull in the story is the conclusion. The film takes just a bit too long to round up and draws out the inevitable ending.  However, ‘The Boss Baby’ does have a simple yet effective message about family which isn’t laboured but instead feels appropriately cute.

Alec Baldwin is fantastic as the titular character, coupled with the animation his character is a blast to watch. You’d be forgiven for thinking an adult mans voice for a baby wouldn’t quite work but it’s effortless here and the parallels to a grown business man are great. The rest of the cast, which include Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow and Tobey Maguire all perform well offering a nice chemistry between the characters. It’s Steve Buscemi who steals the show though as the villainous CEO of Puppy Co. You can tell he is really enjoying himself in this role and his character gives the film a good dynamic.

Therefore, I have to conclude that ‘The Boss Baby’ is solid animated entertainment. It’s not the greatest animation we’ve seen in recent years but it’s harmless fun which will easily amuse for it’s running time. An enthusiastic cast combined with the bonkers yet thought out narrative go a long way to making it the success it is. If only it was tightened up slightly at the end and featured a few bigger laughs it could have been something really memorable. Nonetheless, ‘The Boss Baby’ has drafted up a cinematic contract that should benefit both parties, studio & audiences, with no worries for flaws in the small print. If ‘cookies are for closers’, DreamWorks you can treat yourself!

Rating – 7/10

Question: What is your favourite DreamWorks animated feature?
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2 thoughts on “The Boss Baby

  1. Favorite Dreamworks animated film is Chicken Run if you include Aardman. If you don’t include Aardman, it’s How to Train Your Dragon 2. Even though it was nominated for an Oscar, HTTYD2 still feels slightly underrated by the film community.

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