Going In Style


(spoiler free)

Although it hasn’t been heavily publicised, ‘Going In Style’ is actually a remake of the 1979 film of the same name.  If I had of known this before going into the film my optimism maybe wouldn’t have been as high as it was. However, with a cast made up of Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine & Alan Arkin there would surely be something to enjoy in this senior citizen story.

The narrative lends itself to lots of crowd pleasing dialogue about banks screwing over the little people, friendship and family. All of this comes across quite well and makes it hard to dislike the film. We all know that the cast are likeable too but the script is never interesting or funny enough to make the most of them. Their performances are all fine but the content they have to work with is definitely below average. The pace is apt for a geriatric comedy which results in the film becoming a hard slog to get through. This isn’t helped by the lack of any real big laughs. There are a few mildly amusing moments but spread across the whole run time these just weren’t enough to sustain interest. However, the biggest issue I had with the film was that it simply failed to make me care for anything I was watching.

‘Going In Style’ will live as long in your memory as it would in the mind of an old age pensioner. It will fade into the masses of both the heist genre and the old age ensemble style films we’re seeing more and more of these days. Such calibre of actors present in this cast should be seeking out higher quality work then this. However, when writers are prepared to create such effortless opportunities can you really blame them for picking up an easy pay cheque? The only people being screwed over here will be audiences who pay to see this.

Rating – 3/10

Question: What is your favourite film with an old age ensemble cast?
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