My Life as a Courgette


(spoiler free)

‘My Life as a Courgette’ or ‘Zucchini’, depending on where you’re from, was the final nomination in the ‘Best Animated Feature’ category from this years Oscars that I needed to see. Could it stand up to fellow stop-motion nominee, and my personal favourite of the films ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ though? Probably not and an unfair way to judge this Swiss-French collaboration. Despite this I’d been hearing wonderful things about the film for months and it was finally time for me to check it out!

At the succinct running time of just over an hour I was looking forward to hearing & seeing a brief but entertaining story. However, much to my surprise the narrative failed to grip me and I found the film felt a lot longer than it really was. Reading up on the film it states that it’s an adult animation and understandably so considering many of the dark themes it covers. Some children might be able to cope with the content but I feel that a lot of it isn’t fleshed out enough which explains the older audience it aims itself at. Despite this I just didn’t connect with what I was watching. I’m not quite able to put my finger on why and I feel slightly heartless considering the, at times, deeply sad stories present but I just wasn’t that interested.

Thankfully though and like most other stop-motion films I found myself in wonderment over the brilliant animation. This kind or film-making will never not be impressive for me and it’s beautiful looking pictures like this which make me so very happy that this technique is still being used. As well as this I enjoyed the humour much more than the drama which was present. There are some really endearing moments of comedy that everyone should be able to identify with. The blissful naivety of children is a surefire way to guarantee some laughs and for me these moments were when the film was most successful.

So whilst I appreciated the animation itself and had plenty of fun with the gags included I couldn’t really engage with the rest of the film. ‘My Life as a Courgette’ somehow managed to bore me despite it’s minuscule running time. Much of the blame lay with the drama for me, which I just wasn’t fond of. However, whilst I didn’t necessarily connect with it many before me clearly have and many more after me I’m sure will. It’s not a bad film by any stretch of the imagination, it just wasn’t for me.

Rating – 6/10

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2 thoughts on “My Life as a Courgette

  1. Shame you didn’t fully engage with it but I guess that’s just how it goes. Personally I loved it in all aspects, really terrific style and storytelling

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