It Comes at Night


(spoiler free)

So far 2017 has been a fairly eclectic year in terms of the horror genre. The brilliant ‘Get Out’ will no doubt be many people’s highlight but there’s been a wide range of films on offer to meet the needs of all the horror junkies out there. ‘Raw’, ‘Prevenge’ ‘Split’ & ‘Personal Shopper’ all presented viewers with anything but conventional horror stories. Whilst the likes of ‘A Cure For Wellness’, ‘The Belko Experiment’ & ‘The Bye Bye Man’ catered more for already existing specific horror tastes. ‘It Comes at Night’ is the latest addition to the genre and it looked like it could be set to be the scariest film of the year so far!

The film follows a man, Paul (Joel Edgerton) & his family who have secluded themselves within a house in the woods in order to protect themselves from a highly contagious disease which has spread across the outside world. Right from the beginning of the film, which opens with a character’s heaving breathing against a black screen, the tension is palpable. This rarely lets up thanks to Brain McOmber’s bone chilling score that accompanies the film. This combined with the camera work and content of the narrative meant that ‘It Comes at Night’ was enjoyably & effectively frightful. Depending on what kind of horror you are expecting there’s potential to be disappointed here but my best piece of advice would be to approach the movie with no expectations. 

All of the performances here are very good. Each member of the cast sell the situation that they find their characters in and make their actions believable for the audience. These performances provoke a lot of emotion at times, more than normal for this genre. This only further enhanced the story as a whole. The drama present within the narrative is incredibly engaging. It’s full of moral ambiguity which is always interesting to watch unfold. Furthermore, this story forces audiences to ask themselves who’s in the right, what the correct decisions for characters to make are and maybe most interestingly what they would do in the same situation. As the film progresses the tension & suspense do nothing but gain intensity. The story builds perfectly, escalating at all the right moments allowing for the finale to be the peak for the viewers entertainment & engagement.  

‘It Comes at Night’ is some of the very best horror we’ve seen all year. The content of the story offers so much; there’s action, scares and drama. It’s the drama that comes across the strongest though. With great performances across the whole cast this element is enhanced brilliantly from script to screen. Never overstaying it’s welcome with a succinct running time ‘It Comes at Night’ is a thoroughly well paced film which packs plenty of quality into it’s narrative.

Rating – 8.5/10

Question: What has your favourite horror film been so far this year?
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2 thoughts on “It Comes at Night

  1. Going in with no or little expectation is the only way I think. I managed it, with a bit of knowing how A24 films like to roll, and this film but all the right notes. Great review!

    1. It’s a funny old thing how they can affect your viewing experience. I actually watched the trailers for the movie, which is something I usually avoid. I’m a wimp when it comes to horror movies so like to know a little more than I normally would. Although many are stating the trailers to be misleading I don’t think they are. Just depends on what you assume from them. I actually predicted the sort of narrative the film had from the trailers and was still able to really enjoy the story. Glad you enjoyed the movie, and my review! Cheers Gavin.

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