Girls Trip


(spoiler free)

‘Girls Trip’ tells the story of four life-long friends who attempt to rejuvenate their now distant friendships over a weekend in New Orleans. There have been many comments citing this as the female version of ‘The Hangover’, depending on your tastes that could be a good or bad thing. However, these female lead ensemble comedies have worked in the past, see ‘Bridesmaids’, and with positive early reviews this was looking like a trip you wouldn’t want to miss.

The titular ‘Girls’ are played by a quartet of very talented actresses; Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith & Queen Latifah. These performers have such enthusiasm in their roles, selling every one of the truly bonkers situations that they find themselves in. It was Haddish who particularly stood out, if you see the film there are obvious reasons for this, but nonetheless her vigour throughout her performance is really entertaining. Of course these performances amounted to a lot of the comedy, which hits more times than not. It’s crude, outrageous and confident making for some truly hilarious moments. You’ll certainly never look at a grapefruit the same way ever again.

Despite the level of comedy present, at two hours long there was always going to be more than just cheap laughs included. The narrative starts with a bang, with gag after gag landing setting a fantastic pace for the film. It’s when the more dramatic storylines are introduced that it began to lose my interest. The story is very sentimental at times, it talks a lot about romance and relationships and for me this just slows the film right down. It’s not done badly it just wasn’t to my taste. However, as a white male I hardly think that I’m the target audience. Those that buy into the more sentimental narratives we often see in films like this will easily lap this up and for them it will complement the comedy brilliantly.

‘Girls Trip’ is definitely worth tagging along for and will probably be best enjoyed in a packed cinema on opening weekend. All four of the main actresses starring here hold nothing back and the film is all the better for it. Whilst the more sentimental moments drag the film to the two hour mark they’ll offer opportunities for boyfriends & husbands who’ve been dragged to see the film to take a trip to the bathroom. However, whilst definitely aimed at a female audience there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy here and there’s a hell of a lot of worse films to see on date night.

Rating – 7.5/10

Question: What is your favourite female lead comedy movie?
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