The Big Sick


(spoiler free)

‘The Big Sick’ is the latest romantic comedy to hit cinemas. Accompanying it’s release has been a wave of positive reviews, citing it as the best rom-com in years. The story follows Kumail Nanjiani as he begins a relationship with a girl, Emily, he meets at one of his stand up gigs.  Nanjiani is playing himself in the film as the narrative is loosely based on the true story of his relationship with Emily.

Whilst Nanjiani might not be a name you’re overly familiar with you should recognise the actor from his string of small cameo like performances in films over the years. It’s cool to see him in the leading role as he does well in conveying both humour and drama, in the process surely securing himself similar roles in the future. He has a wonderful awkward chemistry with Emily’s parents who are played by the fantastic Holly Hunter & Ray Romano. It’s this trio which bring the majority of the humour to the forefront of the film. Hunter’s performance reminded me a lot of her motherly instincts from ‘Raising Arizona’ and her work here is just as enjoyable. Romano, who you’ll know best for voicing a certain animated Mammoth, is a fitting match for Hunter and their on screen relationship is fascinating to watch. Add in the daughters boyfriend and you’ve got a whole other dynamic which is often why the film works so well.

The film is definitely funny, there are few really laugh out loud hilarious moments but it’s constantly amusing.  As I’ve mentioned already it was the chemistry that the performers created that caused most of the humour. Many of the characters featured in the film are stand up comedians so it’s a shame that the scenes of their routines weren’t ever that funny. I understand that certain moments weren’t meant to be funny but the film could have benefited from more humourous writing in these instances. This could have also helped with the pacing, as towards the end of the two hour running time the film does feel long. Don’t get me wrong it’s never boring it just struggles to reach it’s conclusion in the most efficiently entertaining way.

For those that have bought into the hype for ‘the best rom-com in years’, ‘The Big Sick’ might be a little disappointing. In reality it’s a very competent film which demonstrates a good balance of drama to comedy and features some really entertaining performances. Your interest in the genre will surely dictate how much you enjoy the film with room for different experiences amongst audience members. The fact that it’s based on a true story gives it a more unique slant within the genre and there’s plenty else on offer which does make it worth checking out!

Rating – 7/10

Question: What is your all time favourite romantic comedy?
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2 thoughts on “The Big Sick

  1. Loved it! My favourite rom com might be either It Happened One Night, When Harry Met Sally or Bridget Jones’s Diary, although I’ve a soft spot for Annie Hall too

    1. Yeah a lot of people are seeming to have that reaction, if anything it only furthered my love for Holly Hunter! Haven’t seen the first two but the second two are cool choices.

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